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fixing "problems"

In what way is your approach to healing different then “Fixing” ?

Our intention and that of the client in the healing process decides if the effects continue to be benefitial

or just patch the deeper issue –

So what is the purpose of sickness and of healing ?

In energy and chemical medicine this question does not pose itself –

only in the domain of “informational Medicine” this is understood as the key to permanent change

The Buddha understood the difference between fixing and healing. He recognized that the human condition could never be fixed, only healed. When we try to fix our lives through getting rid of grief, loss, or anguish – anything we don’t want – we are simply rearranging our confusion. We hope to find a better state of mind than the one we experience, but we never get at our fundamental dissatisfaction. Healing challenges our ability to accommodate experience rather than trying to live around it. It challenges us to participate in the unraveling of our own personal mystery. Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel http://www.shambhalaboston.org/program_details.php?id=50109&cid=204

Diego will arrange your stay and your transfer to Abadiania :


John of God in New York 27th – 30th September 2010


John  of God in Vienna March 2011



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