Pseudo theories and science that have corrupted alternative medicine

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Our world has become too polarized in many ways – the situation in medicine and science in general is no exception.

On one hand there are those who follow only the school-book science and consider everything besides it as charlatanism. And then there is the large group of New Age believers that welcome every new idea with open arms and do not question its validity.

As a consequence science and medicine are turning in smaller and smaller circles and New Age believe become more and more ridiculous, un-testable and more and more people like Peter Fraser and Harrey Massey are hailed as visionaries while just making easy money on simple believers.

See this movie in which Fraser is so confused that he does not even get East and West right while starting with the description of his and Harry’s  fundamental discovery : “Because we realized most diseases show a lack of energy we understood that ALL disease is CAUSED by a lack of energy”.

This simplistic confusion of symptoms with causes of disease is the hallmark of allopathic medicine but even more he generalizes it as the “Cause of all disease”. A cheap over-simplification – but gives no insight in how he made it possible that by putting 2 fingers on a contact he and the Nutrienergetic system can scan any part of the body and do what otherwise has to be done with elaborate lab-diagnostic means in a matter of days at great cost – within seconds.

How is it possible that the Neutrienergetic System is able to read this from 2 fingers ? Why is nobody asking this question and why can this confused old man and his marketing director Harry Massey continue to put out one lie after the other – and dragging the whole energetic and informational medicine into the dirt ?….. enough have a look at this :


and here the Grand-master of its ALL  :



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