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Concepts that I discuss in my seminars, that are the basis of a new science of Informational Medicine as DLE, Hologram, Reset, Infinite loops, Aim, Excess Potential, Informational Matrix a.s.o. Are not spiritual qualities but they touch the spiritual realm. As most of us have a traumatic relationship to everything religious because of all the abuse that had taken place over history, most get irritated when something only has the touch of spiritual talk. This traumatic relationship towards pseudo-spirituality that is offered to us from every side is the reason for most illnesses. Therefore I will go over some of these misconceptions, to make the division between the informational and the spiritual realm more clear and possibly open a new approach to the spiritual realm.


Today I got a message from Joyce


Dear Kiran,


I have been following the posts on the forum about DLE with great interest. I came across an article on darkness/ light and how this duality expresses itself as we move through life. It may be of interest to you in your exploration of this dynamic.



Joyce (co-founder of the Novalis Integra Centre) along with Ati Petrov


Joyce Friesen

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and this document that she included was from Shri Chinmoy, I will only include one quote :


Ignorance or darkness comes and stands in front of us in the form of temptation. But light does not do this. Light comes and stands in front of us in the form of absolute oneness. Light says, “You and I are one,” while darkness says, “No, you and I are two.”


Sounds good but is nonsense and has a good chance to be informational poison. All religions are petrified relics of their founders and what then was a living moving, changing way, full of DLE has become a purely informational attempt to convey the “ unspeakable” in words or ritual. As all dying and disease process is indicated by decreasing DLE, these words and rituals were stripped of their life by filtering out any possible polarity/ contradiction they might provoke. One of the two sides was sanctified while the other was debased / marked as a sin or something to fear and run away from. Most churches and preachers owe their power only on inventing more and more divisions and intellectual concepts that are presented to their sheep as a way to discriminate the GOOD from the BAD, to give the illusion of certainty. (because DLE is so uncomfortable ).


As Shri Chinmoy did in the above quote, Light is often sold as the GOOD and Darkness as the BAD. I wonder how many people are afraid of darkness because they have learned form their parents or a former life that darkness is a very bad/ dangerous/ sinister thing. How many people assume that waking up at night is a BAD thing because night is not a good time to do anything (coincidently it is now about 2 am that I am writing this, as I have no averseness against nights anymore). Considering sleeplessness a very BAD thing that has to be counteracted with sleeping pills, just as sleepiness during the day also has to be remedied with some pills. (Cleverly the Pharma industry has most adds for sleeping pills during the night programs).

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Does this make sense ? And is this giving you a new idea about the real danger of “Sleeplessness” ? This is only one example of the many possible disease creating aspects of pseudo-spirituality. At the base there is the misconception that doubt/ questioning/ temptation is a BAD thing, that it is a sign of incompleteness/ far from god/ tempted-by-the-devil and as a result we are madly in love with CERTAINTY/ SECURITY and it is so funny to see most scientists today who are so eager to get away from all this “religious stuff” to just revive the old mistakes under new names. They are not searching for ABSOLUTE spiritual truth but for ABSOLUTE scientific truth, not seeing that the very basis is corrupted, the believe / hope / valuation of the ABSOLUTE as the highest GOOD.


Interestingly the ISSSEEM www.issseem.orgthe largest organization for the research of subtle energy in the USA has as their topic for next years conference “evidence based spirituality” This is really a new move as until now they had focused on staying close to physics terminology with energy/ frequency/ quantum concepts. There are more and more people that can feel that “spirituality is the key” but are afraid in drifting into one of the many obviously (to the outsider) misleading directions of pseudo-spirituality.


The mistake that ISSSEEM makes is to think/ believe/ not question that the great advantage of science was to put much importance on EVIDENCE / hard and clear facts/ unmistakable proof whereas religion got us all into trouble because of its trust in subjective believe. The mistake that religion made is that of every aging organism, to put every temptation / question into the BAD category (even in the Lords prayer they put this absurd request “Lord lead us not in temptation”) . Science on the other hand is considered objective and open-for-change if new evidence presents itself. This quality is considered to be the reason for the astonishing, amazing new things that science has made possible for humanity. However Science as a whole is just as open-to-change as any other old institution, it is opposed to any major change. The quality that has made science what is now was always been the result of some individuals who were open to experiment/ to question/ to re-consider ideas that most would consider self-evident/ certain / hard and clear fact.


Science has become the religion of today and to believe in its statements is common worship. In the last month some people had forged a statement from WHO World Health Organization scientists that warned about the danger of Homeopathy and as a result all major leading news papers in the world even the BBC printed headlines like “Homeopathy – DANGEROUS” …. this is only another sign how much scientists have taken the role of priests.


The issue is not in the “looking for evidence” but the problem is in “considering something evident” / certain / proven fact that applies to all situations and all individuals. The equal sign in mathematics for example, that seems so self-evident to us was not necessary or even considered desirable in former cultures, There all was considered RELATIVE and some traces are still left in the British measuring system with feet, inches, and miles, where all was referred to the length of the average foot. All physical equations hide the “constant of proportionality” and the basic mistake that science has made was to assume that these “convenient” CONSTANTS do in fact exist in nature and do not change with time and circumstances. The Hadron collider in Cern is the latest monument to the desperate attempt in science to reach CERTAINTY / the basic unchangeable building blocks of existence .


From this long discourse coming back to the quote from Shri Chinmoy above: Light says, “You and I are one,” while darkness says, “No, you and I are two “ Strange where he got this idea, because obviously it is light that creates division whereas at night “all cats are black” and that is why we dim the light at an intimate dinner to allow more ONENESS. The main and common mistake he and so many before him have made was to give something, in this case “light” the quality GOOD / divine and others, here it is “darkness” the mark BAD/ dangerous/ dark.


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The imaginary triumph of Light over Darkness

Dividing / comparing is necessary on the informational level but the spiritual level is beyond / complementary to it. Many teachers have said that the moment where you conceptionalize / divide the spiritual realm/ God/ the Tao/ the ABSOLUTE you do loose it. ABSOUTE needs and means ONENESS because wherever there are two things there is relativity, therefore you cannot “think yourself” into ONENESS but you have to give up/ transform concepts to merge into this ONENESS.


I want to leave this spiritual aspect for another time but here it is to explain two things :

  1. Our desperate religious and scientific search for CERTAINTY/ absolute standards/ constants/ evidence/ hard facts is really an expression of search for ONENESS

  2. Paradoxically all these forms of search put so much emphasis on dividing/ conceptionalizing/ polarizing that they get more away from the ONENESS that they actually are looking for.


So what is the way out of this dilemma ? The world of information is a necessary part of our life and the idea that we can eventually escape from it when we are enlightened is just another one of these delusions. Some go so far to promote that a “quiet mind” is the solution and a busy mind is BAD and is our real problem.


Our dilemma is our desperate attempt to get the dilemma/ uncertainty/ doubt/ temptation out of our life while we don’t see that it is that which is creating the actual misery and is getting us further and further away from the ONENESS the EVIDENCE and the SCIENTIFIC TRUTH that we are looking for. To understand the need for DLE in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual world to see that LIGHT and DARKNESS are two important and equally GOOD informational concepts. That we have to live them with equal acceptance (just like hundreds of other dualities) on all levels physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, to have optimum physical health, emotional health, mental health and spiritual health. The moment where we stigmatize one polarity and exclude it from our life …. aging starts and death eventually follows. The practical question remains “How to find the polarities that we have lost/ forgotten/ stigmatized/ got-rid-off and how to bring it back into our life ?” I imagine by now you can guess THEE answer or at least one of THEM.


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  1. Dear Kiran et al,

    I do not completely agree with your analysis of the duality of Good vs Bad, Light vs Darkness and Wisdom vs Ignorance.

    I much prefer calling the duality of thought and action as Good vs Evil. To me the good path is the path of wisdom and the evil path the path of ignorance. I do not see DLE operating on either path because we have already made a decision and we know exactly what we are doing and where we are going.

    We are charitable or greedy, loving or hateful, accepting or resentful, peaceful or rageful, courageous or paniced. We are a good or evil person following the conviction of our hearts. There is no DLE on either path.

    In my opinion DLE occurs when we do not know what we want to do. We are at a place where we must choose a path for our own benefit at the expense of others or to choose a path for the benefit of others that will require sacrifice on our part. We are at a point where we must choose the wise path and we do not know what path that is.

    To err leads us down the dark path of separation and isolation, to choose wisely leads us down the light path of union and togetherness. Not knowing which path is which, which is the Path of Wisdom and which is not, that is DLE. Having chosen is no longer DLE because all the tension of not knowing is gone. We are on the path where we will reap the rewards of our decision.

    On another note, any clergy or church organization that attempts to control us through fear is not my kind of spiritual institution. In my opinion the Path of Wisdom (Light) is a spiritual path, while the Path of Ignorance (Darkness) is not. The reason for this is the Path of Light is the path of loving kindness, joy, acceptance, forgiveness, charity, peace, courage and wisdom. But the Path of Darkness is the path of separation, resentment, hatefulness, greed, rage, panic, deep sorrow and ignorance of our true spiritual nature.

    Shanti Shri Chinmoy and Joyce Friesen for sharing.

    Namaste Kiran for you are a blessed source of DLE in my life.


    Kiran’s Reply :

    Dear John

    thank you for providing some questioning/ doubt/ DLE because this allows me to see some more dimensions and I know in you it comes not from the need “to be different but from the sincere wish to understand.

    What you say is the general view, what I am suggesting with the DLE concept is radically new. I also like the LIGHT more than the DARKNESS but what I say that this preference should not to reamain so strong as it is in most people. The willingness to see and let the opposite (of whatever) enter in ones life is a way to make DLE practical and avoid much more painful forms of DLE to be administered if you are getting too stuck in one direction.

    I say that this often religious war against darkness (associating all the things with it that we do not like)is just an intellectualized form of our childhood fear of darkness and using nice words like Shri Shri Chinmoy does only hide this better…. its the cover-up that does not heal but only pacify, deep down it is the allopathic approach.

    I am not against allopathy but the problem in our time is just that we accepted iit too exclusively in every part of our life ……. and the new age way of covering up the dark sides is just another more subtle way of forcing out of our lives, what we do not like or what is painful.

    Here a few examples : When Jesus was on the cross he said “My God, My GOd why have thou forsaken me” if you look at this without the concept of DLE you can only believe that his mission had failed, if he had such doubt in the last moments of his life. But what I say is that DOUBT / Darkness-of-the-mind is not something to fear but to FOSTER because otherwise the universal laws have to drive this understanding home with more painful means……

    and of course they will make sure “that at the end of this horrifying insight, we will sing jubelation and praise to the agreeing angels…” Rilke

    Remember yourself the time your wife died…. how much did this change you ? And I say if we learn to make DLE more part of our life, this means, use tools and techniques to make us OPEN-TO-CHANGE then we will not need some of the painful lessons….

    I have not had a cold, or anything else, in the last 4 years that I live this DLE life ….. actually I just slept for the first time 7 days in a row in the same bed (not much however) , in 4 years…. but certainly eventully I might be stuck on somthing like writing FORUM articles, CoRe or DLE that I need to get some DLE that makes me aware / remedy this.

    I know that we also need Equilibrium just as much as Lability and this in a dynamic interplay. As a culture and as most individuals we have forced LABILITY out of our lives in all areas of our life and for the rest “that we cannot control” we pray to God or get some insurance policy to cover the part that we have no control over.

    Darkness is not the path of error or the devil any more than the light. Darkness is the place where new ideas can be received, where healty sprouts are formed before they are ready to see the light, the place of NOT-knowing and the receptivness for it, it is more profound, penetrating and primordial than light. AND remember what I tried to show here for the polarities of LIGHT and DARKNESS applies to any other polarity in our world as well… as culture or as individuals we make one our Foster-child and neglect the other….. This new DLE concept is a very powerful informational protective tools for Cancer or any other life threatening disease that is a last resort to re-establish the YIN and YANG dynamic interplay.

    When “All the tension of not knowing” is gone you are having some very superfical feeling of certainty that will have to be challenged and will be challenged and this the more painful the more you feel that ” YOU KNOW”

    Disease is a last resort, a painful way to get us out of an INFORMATIONAL LOOP…… and CoRe is the tool to uncover these Loops and to suggest other possibilities and to communicate them ….. and I am working on a DLE screen, right now, that will make this even more obvious and effective