Practitioner Training in Australia

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We are happy to announce that Dr Katherine Tassioulas will be presenting a workshop


Hi Everyone,

Re: CoRe Inergetix Practitioner Training Workshop

We are happy to announce that Dr Katherine Tassioulas will be presenting a workshop on October 30th and 31st at the Amora Hotel in Melbourne. Training is from 9am – 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Morning and afternoon tea is provided.

Accommodation is available at the venue for the delegates.

The course will consist of a more ‘hands on approach’ in regards to the use of the CoRe system and will involve the use of your laptops with the training.

This workshop will be conducted to help users understand and use the CoRe system as practitioners and also part of the workshop will include the requirements of the manufacturer for the use of the Health Navigator.

Also you will be advised of certain guidelines of the TGA and what we can and cannot advertise within these guidelines; attendee’s will receive a certificate that they have been trained in the use of the Health Navigator and understand the safety features.

We are working closely with an association and also an insurance company, you will be advised about the insurance company that we have been in direct contact with and have been involved in deep discussion about the system and the practitioner’s requirements and what insurance packages will provide for us.

The cost of the course is $500 + GST for the two day training.

It will be hands on course so you can bring your laptops and Hasp keys and Hologram generator.

Everyone that has the Health Navigator is advised to attend as we now have the TGA approval and there are certain requirements to be met for all using the Health Navigator.

Upon completion of the course you will be issued with the necessary paperwork and stickers to be placed on the Health Navigator as per requirements of the registration.

Bookings are essential

Please contact Katherine Tassioulas at

Ph +61 3 9884 0309

Mobile 0417 360 164


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  1. Hi Katherine

    It certainly sounds as though you’ve been busy with the TGA.

    I have a few queries that need clarification re your proposed training course; I will list them below for your consideration.

    I understood that the TGA approval was between the manufacturer and the product and has nothing to do with the practitioner.  From my understanding TGA do not get involved or are interested in training.  Please outline the training requirements of the TGA.

    I am already a member of two Australian accredited associations.  Like you, being a clinical hypnotherapist and counsellor, I am a member of ASCH (same as you) and I am also a member of ATMS.  It is through my membership with these associations that I get my insurance.

    What association and insurance company are involved and what is the name of the modality being covered?

    Is the association an Australian accredited association and what exactly does the insurance cover?

    Is the certificate that we receive (once we have completed the course) recognised by any governing or accredited body?  It is my understanding that any training that is recognised needs to be from an RTO (Recognised Training Organisation) that has an appropriate RTO number.

    If an RTO gives a course that is recognised then that course also has a number attached to it to indicate that it is a recognised and accredited course.  Please advise the number of the RTO and the number of the course.

    If the training course is not accredited or is being facilitated by an organisation that is not recognised by the government then the certificate is worthless.

    I have been using the CoRe system for 3 years and the Health Navigator for over 2 years so I’m a bit confused as to what training I need.   Please let me know of the training required because if there is a new or enhanced way of using the HN other than what I’ve seen demonstrated by Kiran, I am certainly interested.

    If stickers are required for the HN, is it not the responsibility of the manufacturer to supply these?   Surely if it’s a matter of paperwork and stickers for the HN these could be mailed to everyone.

    If you could answer my queries before I consider whether to fly over 2600 klms, I would very much appreciate it.

    I trust you and Thomas are both well and that it’s not too cold down there in Melbourne.  We’re certainly enjoying the warmer weather up here in sunny Queensland.

    Kindest regards


    • Hi Alandra

      You do have a few questions don’t you:-)

      Yes I have been very busy working to obtain the TGA approval for our device and it has been a long and very expensive process

      This course is for people that would like training for the CoRe

      We are working with an association that will accredit “Informational Medicine” as a modality, and then the insurance company that will insure us… this is still in the process

      If you already have an insurance company that will insure you for the use of the Health Navigator and Informational Medicine then you need not worry or attend.. 

      We are working with an Australian association and currently in communication with the insurance company to see what is the best deal we can get for our users

      If you do not need training you also do not need to attend,.. I have known you for many years and  you seem to be uptight about the post on the training…  I have had numerous requests for training on the CoRe and this is why we are presenting this workshop.. and I have been working very hard to please many people, and have gone out of my way to have this modality recognised.

      I am a government  accredited Trainer and Assessor, also the certification director for CoRe Inergetix and Trainer

      There are certain paperwork that all Health Navigator purchasers need to have and also information to be placed on the Health Navigator.. this is my responsibility as the Australian Distributor and holder of the TGA sponsorship to make sure everyone has  it and also is registered with me, as I need all contact details etc. also there will be advice on how to advertise the product and sessions for the practitoners that fall in the durastiction of the TGA… As you know there are certain things we can and cannot say in our advertising.

      Your comment “If the training course is not accredited or is being facilitated by an organisation that is not recognised by the government then the certificate is worthless” does this mean that Kirans training and certification is also worthless? as he is not an RTO, I dont think so

      I understand your reluctance to travel to Melbourne from Queensland, and you already know how to use the system that is fine you do not need to attend… for the people that can not attend we are preparing a pack to send to them, you will need to sign off on having read the material sent to you, then more documentation and stickers will be sent to you and anyone else

      No, the manufactureer does not supply the stickers, I am the representative that has to deal with TGA and the manufacturer, and take care of all the requirements.. and also help the users in Australia, NZ,Singapore.
      I hope this answers your many many questions


  2. Hi Alandra

    if you need to call me please do so, you have my phone number ..

    Further to my comments last night that were posted about 1 am, i have been working til about 2 am every night to prepare for the association and insurance company what they need.

    I am presenting the course for those who need it and have asked me to teach them

    I am doing everything i can for the benefit of all by trying to have this modality “Informational Medicine” accredited by an association, then accepted by an insurance company and this will help all those users that do not have any qualification at all.

    If you are qualified and insured to use the system in its totality and also covered by insurance to do both consultations and distant healing that is great, but many of the CoRe users are not, I have spoken to some that are not inusred to continue distant healing but need to see the client every six months or their insurer will not cover them, so you see there are many users that need something else

    Please understand I do not need to do this for myself as I am fully qualified and accredited by my own associations that I belong to.

    Many companies that sell systems, only sell them, they do not provide qualifications only some training, nor do they get involved in helping their users with insurance and associations….  just like when a hairdresser purchases a pair of scissors it is not up to the manufacturer or the sales person to teach them to cut hair.  or a surgeon purchases instruments, the sales representative does not qualify them to operate, but only to use the insturments….

    We are preparing to help everyone and hopefully all will benefit

    please call me if you need anything


  3. Hi Everyone, I wish a very happy day.
    Well it looks like it is on for young and old, as it has always been since time began. Where is the DLE, where is the DLE. Are we learning or are we just churning. I would just like to share what is found by the people who visit me. They all say they are a lot happier. Oh the aches and pains are still there but they dont seem to have the same impact as they did in the past. I just ask myself what is going on. From my own experience when Katherine first exposed me to the CoRe was that a shift occured, a load lightened, its is not that I wass really awear of something happening to me it was more what was not happening in me any longer after that first encounter. Some times I say to people that they are like a flaat bed truck and all their baggage or should we say all their garbage? is on the tray and the best we can hope for is that as we roll through the ups and downs of life as much of this baggage or garbage gets knocked off. But then where are we, who are we, without all our highly valued possesions. Our likes and dislikes, or attitudes, our opinions, our beliefs, our self importance etc etc. Well we become like little children again in touch with our essintial nature. And what is our essential nature, well you only have to look at a new born babe to see that. It is love, intellengence, interest, non judgemental, welcoming etc. Well just go and have a look.  So this stuff which I was directed to by some well meaning person???

    Name: rosemary-gaussen
    Phone: No phone entered
    Address: NSW, Australia
    Message: Australian Practitioner Training.  I would like to draw your attention to a discussion on the Forum regarding training and future use of the Health Navigator
    Please read the posts carefully.

    What is your intention with this direction. Is it to help me in the direction towards my essential nature or something else.

    The CoRe has provided me with many oppertunities to be close to my fellow man/woman, I really value this in the current marketplace.
    Katherine has always been streight with me and I respect her for that. A spade is always a spade. She is open speaks her mind as we all should, and has worked very hard while the rest of us have simply rode on her back.
    So what are these posts about.

    But if it has, are we really so caught up in our luggage? baggage? garbage that we miss the point of our existance. Perhaps.

    Lots of love Jo

    Kiran’s comment : Very well said. “you will not enter of heaven if you do not become like children” – and for some this is a big threat to their well-educated, well-minding facade that they are trying so hard to uphold