Practitioner Training in Australia was a GREAT SUCCESS!


Hi Everyone

We would just like to let you know that the Practitoner Training Course in Melbourne Australia was a great success.

Thomas and I  would like to thank  all the CORE and some soon to be CORE users that came from Melbourne and all over Australia to attend our training.  We had people flying from Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and one that made a special trip from Queensland to Tasmania to Melbourne to be with us…. You are a delightful group to work with..

Everyone at the course is looking forward to Kirans seminar in Melbourne on the 19th and 20th of February 2011.

Our next practitoner training will be from the 1st to the 3rd of April 2011…

Some of the emails we received after the seminar are below:

We attended Dr Katherine Tassioulas Practitioner training for the Core Inergetix System and highly recommend it to anyone using Core. As new learners of the system her training was an excellent head start about how to run sessions, create groups and trays for specific reasons. Katherine had a huge amount of knowledge to offer and was really open to taking the group where they needed to go in their learning. I would strongly recommend new practitioners wanting to get a head start and leap frog off a very knowledgeable practitioner, or an existing practitioner that wants to learn how to use the system professionally either on themselves or with clients –  attend her courses, they are well worth every cent and more! – Caroline Mills & Tracey Penington

Caroline Mills, Managing Director, Gordian Global Solutions

Hi Katherine,

Thank you to you and Thomas for the weekend seminar, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It gave me the opportunity to appreciate and to some extent understand  the great potential that the Core Inergetix System.  Kind Regards     Pradeep

Dear Katherine & Thomas,

It was such a pleasure and privilege of meeting you both and attending to the Inergetix-CoRe Practitioner Training Course.

The content of the seminar was comprehensive enabling me to understand and work with the informational and energetic medicine. I was impressed with the delivery of the sessions by Katherine, who with her expertise in the field was able to convey the key principles of the system which were further clarified with excellent practical examples. “Hands on” approach was excellent with each participant able to work in their own work station & CoRe system and put into use the practical demonstrations provided by Katherine. I enjoyed the display and demonstrations of various  Inergetix-Core System items, such as Health Navigator,  Plasma Generator  & other hardware additions, electrodes and magnetic applicators. I was fortunate for being provided a hardcopy of the Inergetix-Core Practitioner Training Course package as well as electronic versions of several practitioner related documents such as Health Navigator Instruction Manual, Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code and many more.

The venue of the course was of first class with a spacious seminar room, excellent food and catering. It was a “special treat” to be among so many CoRe users and learn from each others.

My heartfelt thanks to you both and all the attendees for allowing me to expand myself further.

Warm greetings, Marjatta

Hi Katherine,

I would like to thank you and Thomas for presenting an outstanding workshop.

The practitioner training was first class, so was the venue and thank you for our complimentary lunches which I know were not included in the price of the seminar.

You were able to present in a professional way the applications of the Inergetix-CORE system in a way that we could all understand and you were very patient when some students asked the same question time and time again…

You went out of your way to stop and help people understand in a practical way and helped us all understand the possibilities of CORE well beyond our first understanding.

I know some people like myself have had the system for quite some time but you opened our eyes to the endless possibilities of using the system

I am definitely going to use this in my practice.

I am happy to come along to any other course that you may have on the CORE as you are a professional in both your attitude  in helping people and your teaching…

It was also great that you went to so much trouble to bring along all your equipment to show us all how to connect the applicators.

The training book was great… some 60 pages! I found an endless stream of knowledge was poured into this  book and thank you for that…

The presentation slides were wonderful and the group of people were all very happy with the course and the CORE system…

We look forward to coming to the seminar in February with Kiran and please can you also set a date for the next Practitioner Training Course maybe twice a year?  No one really cared if they got a certificate or not, they were just interested in the training and application….

as I know many of the students said they would like to come along… “even if you taught basket weaving” your professional and caring attitude far exceeded any other presenters course that we have attended…

We all know that you went to allot of trouble to have Informational Medicine approved and we know it is or will be an ongoing thing…. but your explanation and the fact that you included all of us in the information of what was happening and where you are up to with that, made us feel very special, thank you.

Your attitude to include us all in the training, information, and everything about CORE was great…. your passion of the system emanates from you when you speak about the CORE and the applications… you are a great ambassador for Inergetix… You gave us all your contact details, and told us to call you email you or telephone text you if we needed to goes far beyond what anyone would do, they just present a course and then that is it.

You provided so much help and support to many of us there at anytime we needed you is a blessing.

The fact that you organised all the desks with everything that we could possibly need to use our systems at the course was great …

Thank you for everything, Helen Connor

Dear Katherine,

I’m writing to thank you for your time and hard work in organising and carrying out the recent training that was conducted in Melbourne on the Inergetix technology.

The venue was excellent and the room was setup and catered for very well. The Accommodation in the hotel was great and all the staff were very helpful.

As a trainer myself in the corporate field, I understand the true pressures involved and the dedication it takes to organise, design, plan and deliver a great training session.

Katherine your training content, planning and delivery was informative, educating and clear.  Due to this your training on this great technology will show within the people using it. From their many happy clients that continue to be exposed to the healing qualities, to the knowledge that is shared to help there fellow college.

All this will show in the future due to great training on your behalf.

On another subject id like to congratulate you on acquiring TGA approval For the Health navigator.

To now be recognised by government and corporate business australia wide is a feat in itself. In corporate industry I personally understand the huge amount of time and funds that has been spent on your behalf to gain the relevant information and documentation to attain TGA approval. TGA approval is certainly not easy!

As I see it, this is a positive turning point for not only Inergetix Australia but for the Informational medicine field as a whole. With TGA approval for the Australasian region, businesses and their insurers from small to large can now be able to recognise and also utilise Inergetix CoRe practitioners for their ability to help businesses with their wellbeing programs.

Informational/energy medicine technology shall be taken more seriously within business industries due to the wider acceptance from insurance companies allowing businesses to go ahead with utilising Inergetix CoRe practitioners to help their clients staff, due to the technology having TGA approval.

We should all celebrate this great achievement as this starts a new era in informational medicine for Australia. Well done and thank you for your dedicated drive, late nights, hard work and customer support within Inergetics.

Best regards,

Nigel Posselt

Oracleblue Pty ltd

Inergetix CoRe Practitioner & Training Specialist for Fortescue Metals Group Australia

Dear Katherine,

Thanks so much for the course this weekend.  I find listening to the possibilities fascinating and amazing.  I hope you get a rest after today as you have put in so much work for everyone to help them all.

Lots of love Lisa

This is from our dear friend and client Bee Anne who is also our MS client who is now riding a bicycle

“I attended the Inergetix seminar with Katherine 30/10/2010 at the Amora hotel. After the weekend was finished I came out of the course with the skills and basic knowledge to run my system comfortably. Katherine’s ability to train and teach a ten day course in two days was amazing, no one person was left behind and she made sure that all her details were available to everybody after the course for any further questions and information. Her passion for helping people achieve good health has given me the motivation and the excitement to run my system as professionally, efficiently and as smoothly as Katherine runs hers.”
Bree-arne Chamley

Hi  Katherine

It truly was a pleasure to meet you and your husband.   The course was very informative and your teaching skills very professional, I look forward to attending any other seminars in the future..

Truly yours,  Wendy Gilbert-Grey


Hi Katherine,

Thanks for the fantastic seminar…..I learnt heaps and made a number of valuable contacts The booklet you gave us is comprehensive and easy to understand and your explanations of the workings of the Core were invaluable. The food and the venue was top class and I look forward to attending the next one.

thanks again, April

Dear Katherine,

I really enjoyed being present at the seminar.  It was very knowledgeable and interesting.  Also it was really good to meet so many people from all over Australia who are using the CoRe Inergetix.  I recommend that we should have more training every six months or so.  It keeps us in touch.  Thank you and Tom for everything.
Regards, Ravindar Singh

Thank you to everyone for attending our course and making it a wonderful experience for all of us

warm regards to all



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