Possibilities and limits of information in healing


1. Why has science not recognized the existence and importance of bio-software ?

2. What are secondary diseases that result from software glitches ?

3. What are modalities that remedy secondary disease effects.

The CoRe  informational therapy part is exactly what it say – it provides the information necessary for healing.

While the understanding that “healing needs energy” has not  become main-stream, I expect that it will require a major Reset in science for information to be considered as a major factor in the control mechanism of life.

This being the fact today although we are surrounded by countless examples of gadgets that show that even for very primitive functions to be possible it need besides a Hardware also energy and software.

The part of the CoRe system that is called “CoRe Informational System” CIS analyses a and provides necessary informational input. In this respect it is very comparable with Homoeopathy which also is an Informational modality. All those speaking of Homoeopathy as Energy-medicine rightly always got in conflict with Physicists that asked for a prove of the supposed “energy”.

Homoeopathy “only” provides the information necessary for healing, the energy for healing has to be provided by the body. This explains why children are much more likely to be help by Homoeopathy than older people because the control system for immunity and healing in a child is mostly missing the informational/ know-how of dealing with a given health treat that comes naturally with age but has an abundance of energy. With age however the relationship reverses and although the “Know-How” how to deal with a threat might be provided by Homoeopathy,  the body is missing the energy to realize it.

However and this is overlooked by most Homoeopath today, if a Homoeopathic remedy is understood only to provide the necessary software patch  to facilitate right informational working, the limits and possible failure of this healing modality become immediately clear.

As an analogy: “Every factory today is run by a computerized control system”. If something in the  software goes wrong, a fix of the software is only than sufficient to remedy the problem if this glitch has not created secondary damages in the factory, for example that supply has become rotten because it was not used on time or batteries have died because they were not re-charged properly.

If such secondary failures have occurred as a result of the software glitch it is necessary also to remedy such defects on the energetic or material level in addition to a fix of the software. In the above example the batteries have to reset and the rotten supply to be thrown out. In the human body such secondary effects show as disturbed metabolism, toxic cell milieu, tumour growth, tissue degeneration, inflammation, fatigue.

For this reason every Homoeopath and every CoRe practitioner has to be aware that information alone cannot be a panacea in all cases where secondary damage has occurred, which is the general case as most people are not aware of illness before this is the case.

For this reason we need to be aware of what options are available on the physical and energetic level to provide means to facilitate healing once the disease involves these levels. Such modalities can be Physiotherapy, Surgery, Detox, environmental changes  and others.

Nutritional changes is one modality that is essential to be involve in many cases where secondary damage has occurred. I have the honour to present a lecture at our seminar in Thailand by Dr Dato Steve Yap from Kuala Lumpur who was knighted in Malaysia for his work in nutritional therapy .

Please see his page http://www.informationenergymedicine-association.com/cancer-therapy/

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