First 100 BEaMEr sold in one month – to create Balance can be uncomfortable at first – A disclaimer that I take serious


1. The EaMEr launch – we have only a few left before we need about 2  month to get the next batch ready. One user alone – having such a good success – ordered another 18 in just one month 

Some experiences of  this Canadian user:

1. 72 year old gentleman: Blood pressure dropped from 185 to 135 in 3 days and stays low.

2. My cleaning lady could not wash my floors because of terrible shoulder pain. I put my Beamer in her bra strap

and she was pain free in 10 minutes – and could wash all my floors.

3. 71 year old mal: Frustrating prostate problems like pain when urinating, dribbling – could not hold urine very well and night time problems cleared up in 3 days with the Beamer (in his underwear).

4. 60 year old female: Stage 4 colon cancer which spread to the ovaries with terrible abdominal pain: pain gone in 3 days

with the Beamer (in her underwear).

5. 50 year old mal: stage 4 rectal cancer: pain gone in 3 days with the Beamer on the lower back (in his underwear).


Kiran, we need more Beamers sooner!

Thank you for your work

Love and Light

2. We are living in a world out of balance – mainly because we do not want to see the part in our life that needs to be lived and that we avoid to establish balance

3. Graphical Quick guide for the BEaMEr

4. Fields of applications of the BEaMEr’s  magnetic field generator

5. BEaMEr application for its Electric and Rife-Crane therapy mode

6. Disclaimer : Why we don’t want you to believe that our Technology is the final answer to your problems


All the best to my friends Marco, Debora and Edson that host the Brazil convention this weekend


If you  want to listen to are recording of a Heartbeat done with the BEaMEr turned into music just open


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