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translated from my article in the German COMED magazine :


What is placebo medicine and why is its reputation so poor? We speak about the placebo effect when in a double blind study an agent without active ingredient is administered to a control group instead of the agent to be tested. Experience has shown that there is always a certain percentage of subjects who experience effects from placebo administration. The agent to be tested is considered effective only when its efficacy rate is higher than that of the placebo. In common speech, and as a consequence of our belief in matter and energy, everything is called placebo that shows effects without energy or chemistry being used.

The effect of placebo is usually explained by the force of belief but not investigated any further.

This article intends to show that there is enough reason for developing more understanding for this phenomena which causes positive changes without side effects.

Even today’s medicine is benefiting greatly from the despised placebo effect without knowing or admitting it, and rituals like the doctor in white with a stethoscope around his neck are remnants of a very old healer tradition.

And it is not only conventional modern medicine that profits from the placebo effect, but complementary medicine, religion, advertisement, fashion and other areas of human contacts benefit as well. In almost all cases the administration of placebo, placebo actions or placebo insignia are the result of many years or even centuries of tradition but they are not recognized as such anymore, not even by the users of the placebo.

The conventional side labels placebo as an effect of belief and doesn’t consider it worth investigating or being part of their responsibility to investigate. The alternative side simply explains it with pseudo physics and none of the two sides bothers to investigate it any further. Complementary medicine mostly speaks about energy and quantum effects because Einstein has shown us that “everything is energy” and therefore one can not be wrong by explaining everything that cannot been explained otherwise with an invisible and still unknown form of energy.I want to emphasize here that the placebo effect is something very much worthy of and accessible to being investigated systematically.

First of all I want to challenge the almost inevitably accepted assumption that the placebo effect is principally based on belief. Here are two observations:

1.  It often was observed that the placebo effect also occurs in animals  (McMillan, FD.  The Placebo Effect in Animals.  J Am Vet Med Assoc 1999;  215(7):  992-9 )

2.    In many therapies where the effects are entirely or at least partially considered a result of the placebo effect, the following conditions prevail: The right agent is not found during the first consultation and healing only occurs after several unsuccessful attempts. If the success were based on an effect of belief however, one could assume that the effect is greatest at the first consultation and not after several unsuccessful sessions.


To leave the too thoughtlessly accepted hypothesis of belief behind, I would at first like to propose a division of those phenomena that can not be explained by matter or energy into two categories. One of them is associated to information the other one to consciousness.



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The question is now what is information and what is consciousness and how are the two related to each other.

Consciousness has many definitions. We all assume that consciousness is the highest and most original function of life. The origin has many names like God, Tao, Spirit, Unity, Origin. When we “take unity literally” we understand what always had been said about Tao, “The Tao that has been given a name is not the Tao anymore”. This shows that most of the time we don’t use the word consciousness in this sense, for example, when we say that “We were conscious of the fact that we would miss the bus”.

Consciousness is the realm that is beyond being understood with information. Information, on the other hand, is the realm of duality or, even more, the realm of “multiplicity” of all the concepts we have put into words, of all things and of their attributes and interactions.

Therefore there is information based on belief and consciousness based on belief. We cannot say anything about the latter because consciousness does not allow a linguistic division without being lost, therefore we will limit ourselves to belief in the realm of information and its connections to healthcare.

Information is not only stored in chemical form like in DNA or in magnetic form in computers, but everything around us shows and therefore stores its age and its experiences, for example by its signs of use and multiple other dimensions of remembering. According to the belief of the 20th century, information is not more than a modulation state of energy or matter and of our brain. Therefore information as such does not exist independently of them.

However, from time immemorial there was and is a different concept that has been given many different names like morphological field, radionic field, quantum field, intrinsic data field, non linear space, zero energy field, vacuum field. I would like to call it information matrix.

Plato called it the “world of ideas” and in India it was, probably even much earlier, called the “Akashik Records”. One might think now that it would be useful for conceptualization to invent an additional name like sub-space or meta-space. All have the understanding in common that the world of matter and energy is not everything and that the world of information is even more fundamental than the primordial quantum that is now chased in CERN with the Hadron collider. Information still doesn’t reach the reality level, in the world view of most scientists, as a primordial quantum that has a life span of probably only a trillionth of a second and that can be registered, if at all, only by the most expensive machine man has ever built.

Information, in contrast, is closer to all people than their daily needs. I saw beggars in India owning only a cell phone besides their loincloth. We all know how much information determines our daily lives but only few of us have ever considered information to be something independent that might even control our lives. This has always been the case but I predict that this century will be the century of information to the same degree as the last century was the century of energy.

But how is the placebo effect connected to what is nowadays called biophysical testing and therapy methods everywhere? According to my approach these are the so called “physical methods” in their central active principle and it is misleading to try to advertise them with adjectives like unknown, revolutionary and novel. Furthermore it is very difficult to leave nonsuitable concepts like space, time and frequency behind when we consider something as physical. These new observations merit a revision, a new approach, in the same way as the idea that, with placebo, we are dealing with effects of belief.

Information is not a new energy, it does not conform with the conservation of energy principle or the other definitions of energy.

It is not merely a modulation state of energy and follows its own laws, which I might discuss at an other point. Here I want to convey that we need to begin to recognize the placebo effect as an information effect and, on the other hand, understand that the central active mechanism of the methods which are now called biophysical is not physical, i.e. they can not be reconciled with the laws of that which we define as energy. The philosophy behind healing methods needs to return to its own spirit and should no longer be entangled with the concepts of physics. Then holistic medicine can again contribute to our view of the world instead of being dismissed with an only partly understood stereotype of physics by those who have some knowledge of the subject.

I propose that we won’t hypothesize any energy in all therapy forms for which energy cannot be proven with today’s methods of physics, especially when they obviously contradict the definitions and laws of that what is called energy. In this sense radionics, Reiki, homeopathy, distant healing, EFT or kinesiology are not energy medicine, neither are any of the newest microwave therapy devices which are not sending out any microwaves, or biofeedback devices without any mechanism to actually enable electrical feedback.

When we really begin to recognize the fundamental role played in our lives by information and how little it is controlled by our mind, we can begin to give information the objective place that has been given to energy, wave and quantum for a long time already.

How many people, do you think, got sick during the last few month due to stock losses? And how many have been correctly diagnosed with a “stock market syndrome”? NOBODY! Conventional medicine will diagnose one person with an ulcer and another one with cardiac arrhythmias. In alternative therapies with a biophysical, non linear quantum testing and therapy system frequencies are blamed. In allopathy then a sedative is prescribed and alternative medicine administers a dose of a frequency that is assumed to be missing. You can see how similar the different worlds actually are!

There is no frequency that helps against jealousy or reduces the fear of loosing one’s job, but there is information that will do that. Information is much more complex, more original (in the beginning was the word) and more important in our lives than any energy, and this is the significance it needs to regain. You are, for example, not reading this article because you hope to draw energies or frequencies from it.

On the other hand energy is obviously of much importance, not only in our technical achievements but also in forms that determine our internal life and our health to a significant degree. This does not only happen in form of electrical frequencies but also, and even more so, in form of light, color and music. Therapy with single frequencies compared to what is possible today is like Morse telegraphy compared to UMST broad band communication. I predict that in a few years people will be surprised that the concept and the method of single frequencies or saved frequency spectrums was still satisfactory at the end of the 20th century.

Energy is an important carrier of information but not necessary in all cases. Which form of energy is best suited, whether electricity, magnetism, sound or light, can be as individual as which stationary leaves the best impression on the recipient of a message. It is certain, however, that an empty sheet (energy without information) will not lead to important changes with the exception of very rare cases.

Light is the finest of all energy forms and therefore probably closer to the informational realm. This is also shown by the fact that the highest density of communication is achieved with light. For a wide variety of diseases we had very good success with applicators working with red as well as with infrared LEDs.

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However, as a consequence of what was said above, it is important that we charge the energy of light with client specific information and not merely with single frequencies. Our experience in that area suggests that energy should not be considered a carrier of healing information but vice versa: information a carrier of energy. Based on our experience, information is therefore more important and more crucial for healing success than the kind or frequency of energy used. This statement sounds very simple but it is in fact a reversal of the world view common today.

Here is what some of the clients of our customers had to say about this.

“I had already tried to alleviate my lower back pain in a solarium and in an infrared sauna, without success. With the pad with its pulsating infrared LEDs I experienced a lasting and almost complete lessening of pain already after 2 or 3 half hour sessions.” John M., Boulder, Colorado

“Chiropractic and acupuncture helped my carpal tunnel syndrome only for a short time but with the LED mat I am pain free after only 2 treatments.” Mary L., Singapore

“My therapist told me after the scan that the pain in my shoulder is connected to my relationship to my father. I can only imagine what that means but I know for sure that I could feel a very obvious improvement after a very short time of the infrared treatment. Fantastic.” Mike C., New York


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