Physical Body vs. Informational Body and some other questions…

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Hi Kiran,

Thanks for you previous answers, maybe you will find some time in Thailand to answer me some of next questions:

From my point of view is also very importatant to find out what is best for physical body, because physical body state is not only result of informational state of body… Physical body also affects informational body or better to say physical body can have indirect effect on informational body. For example you had an accident… and people around you are talking OMG how do you look like, it will be hard and it will take really long time to heal yourself completly, maybe you be not able to heal without persistent effects… So in this case you want to know what’s best and fastest solution for your physical body and to get fastest as possible out of this situation where you can get sick from affection by informational “inputs”or simply by information.

Kiran : Josef I know you live in a world that does not give much credit to anything that is not physical – just like much of the world (with the exception of places like Bali -where  people do not see almost anything else but the the influence of the informational world – where every day at least 1 or 2 hours for everyone are spend on offering – and where as a result – EVERYONE I talk to is happy to be here – with much less physical possessions then even in Slovenia, Slovakia or whatever else you call your home.

Dear friends – wake up from the daily media poison that want to create the fear in you that you will loose the little that you have left and that new viruses will take the rest – if you work with informational medicine and you still watch TV you have not even started to understand the power and the potential of information.

IN the beginning was the WORD (information) and the WORD (information) will set you free.

I want to check and solve problems (diseases) most effectively and that’s why I want to get information, usage of which will be beneficial also on physical level and not only on informational level, to energetic and finally to physical level. Sometimes it can take long time to incorporate information from Core to somebody’s “mind” or level of perception.

I want to find out by evaluating best “physical remedies” by using of filters: What is most beneficial to use or to do on physical plane for specific problem …

I want to know it because it can help patient to regenerate faster from their condition. So why not to use this technology to provide me this information ? If it’s possible to check on physical level by using informational analysis what could be the most beneficial to do on physical plane, why not to find it out and not to do it ? This could be also beneficial to informational healing to help solving a problem on physical level simultaneously to speed up process of healing where it most people await – physical plane.

Kiran’s comment :

CoRe is an informational tool that can do informational diagnosis and therapy and energetic therapy.  Different then all others I made clear that it is not the tool to reliably find physical issues like lacking supplements or toxins – all those who do like NES, QXCI, Oberon are not even reproducible and every time you press the evaluation button you get completely different results – but still they tell you that they can diagnose – and they found and find many naive buyers,

Of course it woud be fine if CoRe could replace a microscope, an MRI, X-ray and lab-testing but it cannot and I never promised that. But I tell you that physical changes are always the result of informational diseases and if you correct the informational substratum – the physical symptom might not disappeare immeadiately but still the person will feel much better or not even be bothered by the physical symptoms at all – for example just 3 days ago my nice 10 years old who is on the trip with us woke up with 39.5 deg fever – I treated her with CoRe informationally and within half an hour she felt so much better that she was going with us to the animal farm (but the fever had not even disappeared)

I took this picture just hours after she had been waking up with 39.5 deg fever.  Modern medicine is usually doing the opposite – removing the symptoms and the client feels as terrible as before. You cannot communicate this to your clients as you yourself have not made the transition of understanding.

CoRe often does not remove pain or fever – as both are forms of energy expressions – whereas the information is what set it in motion. Energy and biochemical processes have their own momentum and when they are not fuled anymore with information will run out.

Another questions:

Is it that if I’m checking things on informational level and I get informational analysis results – resonances (by using or not using specific filter), these should provide the opposite to my current stuck life situation ? As example if I’m stuck on Axis X -5, Y -10, Z -20 the resonance which came up is polarity to this state (X +5, Y +10, Z +20) ? What if the same substance came up as beneficial on informational and physical level, how to find out which amount, when to use it on physical level. Can Core give me answer ?

How did you developed the sense to have the ability to connect to morphological field, informational matrix, it was by your accident or which way ?

Is information obtained from Core the same as by muscle testing (Power vs. force) or are there differencies, because of practitioner and tested person are not in DLE or don’t have that sense to connect to informational matrix ?

Kiran’s comment :

Funny that you mention this best-seller “Power versus Force” – how could he come up with such a rediculous title ? This could be the slogan of the USamerican army but if it comes from someone who believes to be a holistic healer – it should give you an idea where he is coming from. But in fact most people doing “muscle testing” using their POWER to make the results of the test confirm with their believe system – and as CoRe is not doing this it needs more courage to use it.

The example you use above with the coordinate system is exactly left brain functioning – it is the invention of Descartes and his coordinate system that has been on one side to useful for science but has become such a curse for many who cannot think without it.

Being trained as a physicist, I know that once you are in this mode of thinking through culture and education it is almost impossible to let it go at times where it is not benefitial. I had to go through a major RESET with my near-death-experience that makes it now so natural for me to use both parts of my brain – DLE between the hemispheres – and when this is working you will never run out of ideas and you see protocols, formulas, pattern of thinking for what they are – LIMITATIONS

One more thing, I don’t understand exactly how the mechanism of filters works, so I try to ask.

How should filters look like ? Like symptoms and negative signs of disease (pain, inflamination, head ache, dizzines…) or state which I want to achieve (health, happiness…) ? What will happened if I would use these possitive filters (health, happiness), instead of symptoms like pain, inflamination… ?

Why not to use filter like: Autocommunication of which information by Inergetix-Core 5.0 treats me from cancer ?

Kiran’s comment :

I am not using or recommending the use of filters anymore – the results will then tell us more about the question and the mind-set that created it rather than the issue we want to investigate – so leave it blank





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