Orgone accumulators – Cavity resonators for the biofield

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Dear Kiran,
I am so glad you mention SEX (Post 1 & Post 2) and as synchronicity will have it, I have been completely immersed lately in promoting my orgone accumulator to people in Ottawa. For those who don’t know, it is a device (looks like a small wardrobe in which you sit) created to stimulate orgone energy in our bodies. It was created by Wilhelm Reich, a pioneer of the concept that all our disease and neuroses come from blocked sexual energy – or as he called it, orgone energy.

Not only did he view sex (in the 1950′s) the same way as you write about it in your post, but he also managed to measure the energy itself and to map out the many ways we block that energy in our bodies, develop “armoring” and out of that many different mental and emotional problems – certainly all those that are expressed in the perception of what is “normal” in society.
Reich coined the term “homo normalis” and claimed that all of society suffers from neurosis and the fear of expanding their energy. This is why sex is taboo and rules are invented to keep in check those people who are more alive and vibrant and bring them down to a zombie state like the rest of the population.
There is a difficulty for many to deal with DLE because it leads to a surge of healthy energy, including sexual energy. When we have developed blocks to keep it in check, such a surge causes mental and physical pain, as it seeks an outlet and just hits walls created by suppression of our natural instincts.
Reich found that behind those walls was a sea of rage and fear and most people feel uncomfortable dealing with it all.
Hence the reactions to topics that hit a nerve, usually about religion or morality AND the difficulty accepting medicine like informational medicine, that can really be effective in shifting the very CORE of a person, that which has been hidden and protected for a lifetime.
But once you wade through it all, you reach a state of health of natural man, where sexual energy and life energy are all one and our energy is in sync with that of the cosmos. We are truly imbedded in cosmic energy that runs in us as well in the same manner as we all are tapped into a vast informational field. These are interesting and exciting times, for sure!
PS – as a young child I lived in Cuba where I soaked in all that open, sensual and living energy that everyone shared with so much joy!
Love from up north,


Hello Ati

Actually it is almost to the day 6 years ago that I paid 20 000 $
to the Seattle times for a full page article to honour Wilhelm Reich’s death in a USA Prison – because he was too outspoken about the perverted relationship to SEX in the USA 300w" sizes="(max-width: 694px) 100vw, 694px" />


this brought me on the RADAR of the FDA but thanks to me being knighted by the Catholic Church –
I was protected:

The situation of 500 years ago has made a full turn
The USA was created to provide more freedom – particularly from  church suppression
and now it is the Vatican, at least in my case, that helps and protects new ideas while the USA
has become an organism to promote stagnation. It is never a particular philosophy or a religion
that turns things for the better or the worse but anything that has power will tend to abuse it.

I value Reich for the courageous propagation of his main insight : “Any organism has to pulsate between its different possibilities”, and in particular between TENSION – RELAXATION he called this the Orgasm reflex because in Orgasm it is most obvious. But also this pulsation should happen with ever inhalation and exhalation, even with every heart beat. My central topic of the Dynamic Labile Equilibrium DLE is a more universal formulation of the same principle.

He observed that sitting in his Orgon accumulators besides many other positive effects stimulated the libido and was therefore nicknamed SEX-box. But he mistook it as a device that accumulates some form of energy from the environment whereas it is simply a CAVITY RESONATOR and the radiation source is the Biofield of the human in it. It creates a similar effect as the Bioresonance-LaesEr only with the difference that the LaesEr not only feeds back the biofield but also amplifies it. More about this in a post soon.



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