ORB’s Mania


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this is a more humorous post about the ORBs mania that wants you to believe that digital cameras have finally made it possible to observe these unknown life forms.

We can see that the contemporary devision between those “that believe anything that comes along and that is new and exciting” without questioning it (unbalanced right brain) and those that only believe if it has been accepted for a long time or is written in some renowned textbook (unbalanced left brain).

Orbs have been around since the advent of digital cameras because of two reasons, the light is not anymore absorbed by a photographic film but by a partly reflective CMOS or CCD chip. This chip is divided in millions of pixels and thus acts like a holographic grating that diffracts light. The interference between the incoming light and diffracted light creates the wellknown diffraction pattern that you can see in the first picture below that we zoomed in from one of the many we recorded at our seminars.

AND at party event in Brazil we even were so fortunate to witness as very rare event, the multiplication of ORBs on a pool…. as of course, as an advanced species, they also know the benefits of water birth.  We can see that ORBs like Brazil as much as I do and if you want to have the possibility to be one of the first to witness such a spectacle as well please join us at the next AIM training in Brazil : http://www.energy-medicine.info/newsletter-august-09.html#aim


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