Open Letter to the TGA – The Kanguruh made another turn


There are two types of remedies :

1. those that are actively doing the job and make the patient be a passive receptor

2. those that are facilitators that stimulate the patient to become an active part in his healing process

Our world with its over-focus on “doing” and “being active” cannot understand the power of pure facilitators like Homeopathy

The CoRe system is likewise a facilitator as :

A) any Muscle simulator or regular TENS system works with a much higher voltage then the Health Navigator

B) any electric lawnmower generates a much higher magnetic field then the Health Navigator

C) any LED TV has much higher radiance then the LED pads of the Health Navigator

I know that the future belongs to those who understand the potential of methods, technologies, remedies and actions

that work as CATALYZERS rather than as bullets and back-hoes.

The Buddha nature can see “I am not the DOER – it is done through me”

and in exactly this spirit the CoRe system is designed –

We are selling the Health Navigator in most places – also in the USA with a CE label as a wellness product

that certifies all technical safety features follow the highest German standards.

If you use it as a spiritual healing tool according to our mission statement :

which means you  use the device and its minimal placebo energies only as believe-amplifier

whereas the real healing is done by the invisible spirits

this will give you the following benefits :

1. You are not limited to the healing of wounds, depression and pain for which the Health Navigator is medically certified

2. You can combine it with all the other tools of the CoRe family that are not medically certified

3. You are not liable in the same way as when using any medical instrument

4. You make the patient understand that it is not you or your instrument that is doing the healing but the divine spirits –

and in this way make healing the way to make people understand the power of  the divine in their lives

5. You cannot take credit for any positive outcome – and what could be a better remedy for your EGO

Open Letter to the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) Australia

Please also see the document about the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller

and our Mission and Vision since day ONE

and dear Charles TART – former president of ISSSEEM – can you now see why I know “Evidence based Medicine” in on its way out


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