Open letter to the ISSEEM board of directors


Dear ISSEEM board of directors

From the last few of your newsletters I learned that you are currently in financial trouble.

As none of my last 5 e-mail messages to you was ever returned I take the chance to publish this message openly on our forum.

As some of you are reading this Forum, you probably have gathered that my main teaching is the idea that only by allowing interference –healing, growth and transformation are possible.

People, organizations and whole nations die if they are not in fact anymore allowing plurality, particular the plurality that is uncomfortable or even oppositional.

And when I say “in fact” I mean not lip-service that is so common in USA and new age circles but actually to invite meat eaters into a vegetarian group.

In my messages to you I made some critical remarks on how you select speakers for your convention, how some of you promote products under the cover of independent research or how 100 year old studies on first hurting rats and then giving them hands on healing is sold as “the magnum opus” of your current work

– of course this is uncomfortable.

But Interference needs both polarities and as you might not have been able to see the positive side in this argument I want to give you a clearer sign that I am not destructive or wish you demise. I know we need more organizations of your kind that promote the many aspects of energy and informational research and application.

Therefore I want to offer you 2 full Advanced CoRe Systems with the New Health Integrator, a combined value of 30 thousand dollar as donation to ISSEEEM.

If you offer it via  your newsletter to your contacts at a reduced promotional rate of your choice – the revenue can be used to balance your budget.

I am looking forward to your reply which I certainly will post on this forum



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  1. Even after one month no comment or even thank you from the Organization “of subtle energy” maybe this should be a “subtle message” – maybe that they have solved their financial problems or maybe because they got “subtle indications” from their board of directors that they are too proud to accept help that comes from a critical corner – just like the rest of USA culture

    enough maybe for now