I was so impressed with Daniela’s answer about “What is Energy?” that I think we are connected via a Informational-matrix-wormhole, or simply that it is just the right time for these ideas to be formulated and made public. If you read her post again it even contains the answer to this question.

However what you see here is that the so common statement “We don’t know yet what energy REALLY is?” This  is as incorrect and as stupid/correct as saying  “We don’t know yet what an Apple tree REALLY is”. DO we know what energy and an apple tree REALLY is once they have found at the CERN Hadron collider a particle that with the present technology cannot be further divided, lives for a trillion of a second and can only be observed in a faint trace in some high-tech  chamber, when  a million other traces are filtered out ? …. Lets leave this kind of naïve idea of “REALLY KNOWING” to some desperate scientist who live their lives in these tunnels under the Swiss mountains.

There is no “REALLY KNOWING” but there is “REALLY EXPERIENCING”. Knowledge is at best to know what you do not know or as Socrates stated it “I know that I know nothing” but we can make a system of definitions/ concepts/ analogies that organizes our experience in the most effective/ uniform/ simple and at the  same time complete/ universal form that allows to make comparisons between the most diverse subjects.

TO have a universal and at the same time simple systems of concepts that allows analogical reasoning/ deductions and predictions is the essence of understanding.

In this sense here is the Question :

“What is Information ?” how do we have to define it in order to make it universally applicable and at the same time not to contradict observation ?


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