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- page set up by Dale just yesterday

Sign-up now, create your practitioners listing – takes 5 minutes – and get a free life-long membership

We got very good feedback for our new website like these ones :

thanks, it worked great!  Great job on putting this together, it is EXTREMELY user friendly!

Ken Sherman Ph.D. Founder of  SHERMAN HEALTH SYSTEMS, LLC

over 50 Practitioners set up their own Listing and

even 10 set up their own Expert page like :

Dale White

Glenn Yoshimoto

Dr. Zacchia Blackburn

Dr. Homer Lim

Andrea Kennedy


David Snoad

Hannes Hulla

One Request : ” please spend a few minutes on setting up your page

1. add a picture of you, your clinic, your staff, the environment you work in, a session

2. add thought about the modalities you practice, your healing philosophy, important events in your life – make it personal

3. references to books, websites information that resonate with you

4. Copy poetry, videos, ideas that make your page colorful and create an informational bridge

5. testimonial

6. Address and other information to find and contact you

BUT  most pages will be accepted – as this system is there for you to continue to grow and update your web-presence

and by being on our NO 1 site you have the greatest exposure possible AND you can use the URL on your business card for

people to read what you are doing

Most importantly “No complaints or request for help in setting up your own pratitioner listing or

Expert page” – simply because it is soooo easy – try it

Dear Kiran,

I really appreciate you ongoing support and education you offer us CoRe practitioners, especially this new Goggle site.:) Respectfully, Tony  Mullen

Anthony F. Mullen, DNM, LCHC, LRCP, CH Provost, Monastic School of 570-504-1681, cell 570-216-1215Toll Free 1-866-832-2809


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