New physics still on the wrong track


Increasing discussions among scientists (including mathematicians) who try to understanding the mind’s role in physics, and who also try to explain the role of consciousness, are loosing touch with reality. One of the numerous examples is the Von Neuman interpretation of quantum mechanics where the wave function is collapsed by “consciousness”.

Still many theoretically models stay within the narrow boundaries established in the earlier part of last century. String Theory claims new insights in the unification of the 4 fundamental forces of nature, but it is still very poor in its attempts to explain key-phenomena such as cognition, intention and consciousness. The consequence is that it isn’t a unification theory at all.

The main problem is, that traditional issues such as quantum gravity, entanglement, black holes, tunnelling, Bose-Einstein condensates, chaos theory, neutrinos and new understandings in concepts such as extra-dimensional theories and entropy, are still to be considered as being the main vocabulary and grammatical theory for our so-called “objective knowledge”. Scientists haven’t still learned to make a non traditional attempt, because the beat still goes on with: the mathematics of thought, topological light rays, massless extremles, many-sheeted space time, configuration space and lately the Topological Geometrodynamics, all fitting into the big picture of (what they think) is our ultimate reality… The real approach to understand this kind of knowledge is the “hardly mentioned” information theory.

One light in the darkness might be the vision of Robert Paster, in which he equates energy to information, moving towards the idea of The Matrix as reality which is not new at all (Plato’s shadows), but which is new to read or hear it from a traditional scientist. During our presentation during the AIM certification training in Brazil, Gabriele and I will explain and demonstrate why quantum physics is not the explanation of certain issues concerning consciousness and spirituality, but that the understanding is much closer than many of us think…

Willy De Maeyer


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