New LED to stick into your ears or anus ?

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I made this FORUM that we can exchange ideas – jokes – and insight – BUT most messages like this I get to my personal inbox :

On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 10:31 AM, Vijay Patel <> wrote:

Hi Kiran,This concept could be very interesting incorporating sound and light using CoRe products.Tks,Vijay


On Nov 11, 2011, at 1:46 AM, Kiran Schmidt wrote:

We are preparing something similar – one light applicator for nose
and one for ANUS – this will be the seller


On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 11:09 AM, Vijay Patel <> wrote:

Dear Kiran,
Forgive my ignorance but is what you have commented on a suggestion for real? Is ANUS a name of a device you are developing?


Dear Vijay

no of course it is a joke – but to make people buy an LED light to stick into your ear
is just taking money from the simple minded
anyway if it works because of the proximity to the brain, as they say – why not use the nose, it is even closer –

or the anus which is closest to the brain of most people



On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 6:06 PM, Vijay Patel <> wrote:

Dear Kiran,
I am part of the CoRe user community who invests time listening to you mostly without any comments probably because i come from a background where you would be considered a GURU. You, having stayed in India, surely know  that the first step to learning from a Guru* is to LISTEN. ( *a teacher, an expert, an inventor, anyone who genuinely is more knowledgeable about a subject the listener or follower) ) The listener, even an 80 years old one, is like a child in front of his Guru. At times a child may comment or present a question to the Guru, the RESPONSE determines the authenticity of all that the Guru is. The response either installs faith in the Guru or shakes up the original core belief in that Guru or whatever he represents. Just like a child cannot change is mother, a child (pupil) cannot (should not) change his chosen Guru.

I spent hours researching on the nett trying to understand what you meant because vibrations can travel from the base to the brain. You could have responded saying….. ” but to make people buy an LED light to stick into your ear is just taking money from the simple minded”….. but you chose otherwise.
My belief in your thinking and your products has been as one of an inquirer. One can gather from your response that you do not have children. Your response today was one to ridicule a child for “thinking outside the box”. I can understand that you are a very busy man, but when you do have some time please read the Bible….. if you have, may i suggest you reread it to understand humility, without which all spiritual thoughts and practices are pointless.
I appreciate your concern for the simple minded people. I am also trying to understand myself in you, in reference to your comment “the anus which is closest to the brain of most people”So, is this what the CoRe system and devices are all about….. what % of CoRe users fall in the category of “most people”….. or is this one of your jokes again!

MOST PEOPLE who use alternative medicines have little or no knowledge about informational medicine and are common people like my family and friends.
Your are a brilliant thinker and innovator but i have not read one biography of such people who ridicules the mass. 
I normally do not respond in such manner unless i care for the person.
Thank you for reading the mail and for the valuable lesson.


Dear Vijay
I appreciate that you take the time to put this together –
as most messages I get are “one-liners” – mostly like your first one saying
“have you seen this new device ?”

It is the result not of deep en-query but just with the always needing the latest toy or tickling about something new
This is not the “child that is thinking outside the box” but the child that is – like most not satisfied or even able anymore to 
look and spend time with all the many toys it already has – but asks Dad for always the latest – and you as most Indians
certainly being a father you should know this more then me – isn’t it ? – but being confronted with reality – which is mostly about
not being the amazing person that one’s vanity wants you to be – is always painful – it made you have the energy to put all this
together – and this is a success – it is a waking up experience

Most of the Indian Guru’s I experienced where just “want-to-be enlightened” teachers – they were having followers for the 
simple reason that they told people “you are perfect , you already have arrived – there is nothing missing in you – all is
waiting for you (the secret) – you are a very special person and so on aso……..) no wonder they have a lot of followers
just like the SECRET guys – the real Gurus are never easy – I don’t want to be one – I just be who I am

The people that make use of this naivete that you do not want to have pointed out – are the people who sell random number 
devices as Quantum Xrroid machines or LEDs to stick into your nose – to fight the winter SAD

True Guru’s do not want to make believers – but people who wonder, are in doubt and go out to question and make experiments, who become increasingly able to challenge “any believe” and replace it with personal experience, a real Guru is not afraid to loose followers to this end.

I am making fun not only about you – I see our whole existence as a great comedy (Dante) and I receive your message on 
11-11-2011 were many thousand naive new age followers meet because they were told  this a sacred moment in time

So why not stick the LED in the nose or in you ASS – if it works according to these guys – in the ear – is a sober question –
you were not even sure if I made a joke in the first place – and then I told you “that it was” and this created the DLE – the 
state of confusion – that is so valuable and energizing – if you use it correctly and 
– do not blame Kiran that he humiliated you
– that you do not blame yourself that you were so stupid to write this
– that you do not try to explain – that your reaction is justified
and and and

but in that you endure the heat that this exchange created – and this way have the fire – the polarity
that makes transformation possible

real parents are like this – the others are creating just the 99% of new adults that want to conform to the average
to convention and do not want to disturb anyone – last themselves



On Sat, Nov 12, 2011 at 7:07 AM, Vijay Patel <> wrote:

Dear Kiran,

Thank you for talking time to read and respond to my mail of Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 6:06 PM.
Please send me a password so that i can respond to your thoughtful and thought provoking mail.
You are right, CoRe users who may have suggestion to upcoming techonologies should forward them to the CoRe Forum so that others can air their views.
I am glad that you did not opt to censer our dialogue on a gadget issue and decided to place it on the Core Forum. If possible include this mail too.
Thank you,


On Nov 12, 2011, at 4:51 PM, Kiran Schmidt wrote:

Dear Vijay

I am happy you did not take it badly – you see all this is not serious for me – I am a big child – I am creating and responding
the way I do – because I enjoy the DLE that it creates and I do not have second thoughts –
and at any time I can make another turn – or at least in most areas of life
so if you want to have this post removed – just tell me and I do – to create a profile just click on the link on the left
then you can create posts or make comments
greetings from Brazil – and believe me – I love India – that is why I could live there for 5 years


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