New CoRe practitioner course in Europe, Hungary


New possibility of studying Informational healing with CoRe

New Co-re practitioner course was taken place and succesfully completed in Europe, in Hungary.

The course was focused on the main lines below:

-Practical information of using Co-re system

-Possibilities of informational healing in practice

-Synergic healing by integration of other healing methods

-Mastery of the therapist (attitude, skills, psychological background and knowledge etc…)

-Practical experiences of measuring and treating


The participants were eager to learn, had a lot of questions and were promisingly open and creative.

They are required to make three case studies of their own Co-re healings to complete the whole process of getting a practitioner certificate.

Following the course, as next step, hungarian-language Co-re forum serves to form an active and creative society of Informational healers.

Important to know: the content of the course was based on the three years of experience of a team’s work of 5 therapists.

The experimental work is still on, seeking answers for further occuring questions. The long and exciting learning process is already ahead of us with  puzzles, surprises, and new conclusions..



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