Never buy the CoRe if you want things to remain the same


Thank you Mariette

for taking the time to write this down

and you are right on

this is the way towards health

“Never to take anything in a way that it has to remain the same”

and Yes often or even mostly the second item in the evaluation  is the polar opposite

because these 2 items form the polarity that create the DLE

I will just have a stop in your neighboring country Dubai in a week going from Johannesburg to



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Hi Sonia

You are most welcome to share the sentence.

I also have another one:

Warning! NEVER buy the CoRe if you want things to remain the same! (I feel the same way about Heilkunst!)

I will share my testimonials…

I need to keep some notes.

Since I live in the Middle East I was unsure of how the CoRe would be received and I have had many different reactions of which my own is still the one that fascinates me most. I often have people double up with laughter or sit back in amazement. Especially when the CoRe picks up on their dominant thought or behaviour patterns almost word for word.

Like when the CoRe pulled out the irrational thought of ” why bother explaining myself when people are too stupid to understand me” for a teenager who has constant arguments with his teachers. His mother told me she has to listen to exactly these words when he comes from school in a bad mood due to another argument. He never seems to explain himself properly and then he feels even more angry, resentful and let down.


when the CoRe told another mother about her worries that she has the irrational thought ” how can I let go of them if I have to look after them…” and she told me that this is exactly what she is always thinking with regards to her sisters and her children.

I have been demonstrating the CoRe for parents so that they feel more comfortable when I use it with their children. This experience of trying the CoRe on the parents first has brought us so much closer and lead into so many interesting conversations and a deeper connection and trust between us.

I have also picked up on the role of polarity in the readings. I used the CoRe on my partner and looked into the relationship modality. It gave a very high resonance to ” being very independent and being trapped by a sense of responsibility” and the very next resonance was the seemingly opposite ” being very dependant and trapped into not being fully oneself”,which is not like him at all. What we realized is that the first resonance was him exactly and the second, its polar opposite relates to me. Of course he would have resonance with my way of expressing myself. The very reason for the “need” aspect of the relationship. So in 2010 I am planning to jump right into DLE and allow for change so that I can let go of my attachments for security and safely and in so doing come fully into myself, being more independant on a energetic level from my partner….


Never buy the CoRe if you want things to remain the same.

love and light



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