My neighbour Julio Fiadi – expedition to the poles and the Xingu Indians


On my last news e-mail I added  video of the Xingu-Indians here in Brazil that I found very moving. By great coincidence on the same weekend we meet our next door neighbor for the first time, although I live here since more than 3 years. The vegetation on his land is so dense that I can even see only the very top of  house from my desk.

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When he came over in the evening for barbecue he told us that he had been at the Xingu with his 2 little daughters and his wife although is it almost impossible to get there without special connections and permits – here are beautiful pictures from his visit

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During that evening I learned that he is the first Brazilian who reached both the North and South Pole, later he tried to reach the South Pole alone, however because of  exceptionally strong winds of up to 200 km, he made “only” 450 km out of the 1100 km and  he had to wait 11 days in his red cabin sledge (which he invented himself) because the wind was too strong for an airplane to land

Here is a fantastic recording he made

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Imagine what a DLE – to go from a paradise island where we live  to a place where the temperature in mid-summer does not go much above minus 40 degrees – and this alone . 300w" sizes="(max-width: 890px) 100vw, 890px" />

He says he is  “semi-retired” to give lectures with companies that hire him to motivate their employees. However he is selective in what assignments he takes – if it feels that the company wants him to make the people accept intolerable conditions, he declines. But otherwise wants to transmit the insight that he got from his expeditions :

“That it is important to take on challenges & to prepare for every possibility”

This to me is just another DLE – to be open and aware of the unpredictable, to have faith and courage to take on this un-uncertainty and at the same time to use all that is in one’s power to prepare for the unpredictable. This approach is the way to increase faith and courage and also will bring humility and the great appreciation of life that Julio radiates and expressed in his words that :

“I want to show people how precious life is”





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