Multiple Sclerosis


I have seen quite a few clients with Autoimmune diseases to have amazing coincidental healing with informational medicine and MS is just another form.

Why ? All autoimmune diseases have no explanation with traditional biochemical explanation models, also there is a very diverse spectrum of symptoms associated with these diseases that it is hard to even speak of a single well defined illness.

But what all autoimmune diseases share as the common feature is that the body attacks itself or as in most allergies attacks something that comes from the outside like milk, bread and flowers that are really not toxic but the immune system treats them as that. That viruses attack the body or that toxic substances can poison it is all very easily understandable with the biochemical model. But why would an organism start to attack itself has no explanation in this paradigm.

However we all know very well that our mind easily turns against itself or the person that carries it, in a way we are most of the time in a fight with our self or better our idea about who we think we are and who we think we should appear to others. Therefore from the mind-model there is nothing easier to understand than auto-immune disease.

here is a testimonial Bree Aane Chamley  made at one of my seminars

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and here is a movie that made for me as a present


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