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I got this week again a message that asked me if I already had heard about the “new” find of some Pyramids in Bosnia – which I had been alerted to several times since 2006 – the same with Orbs or UFO underground landing bases. Usually  it would only takes to put  “Orbs explained”  or “Bosnia pyramids” into Google and Wikipedia or Quack watch will give us some more earthy view on this.

The New Age community as well as much of the science community follows the same “Believe pattern” as in the middle ages – although it is so much easier today to get a second point of view on the internet without the risk of inquisition and still most people don’t  do it – WHY ? because this would create doubt – the need to think and to be uncertain – which however is really healthy and trans-formative – this is my message.

The same applies to Emoto and his “Messages from Water” – nobody has ever tried to look into his lab and have a look through his microscope.
As I cannot reproduce these sub-zero experiments here in Brazil – I thought if there is not another way to make this idea more practically experience-able for all of us – and this was the result :

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Really for anyone having done basic microscope work – the idea that water  would crystallize in one or another form of crystal collectively and equally is just naive. Nature hates conformity and repetition without variation (different then most humans) and therefore a sample of frozen water will always look something like this one :

But then in this one picture it is your choice what you want to see as beautiful

or as ugly

– and exactly this is what Emoto is doing and which has brought him so many millions of non-questioning believers.

You could say – I don’t care if is fraud or true – as long as it empowers or at least motivates people to think positive. Everybody has his own truth. Truth is what you make of it.

If it is the ONLY truth that “I can create my world as I choose” (USA confession) you are right – but imagine there is a ANOTHER truth and you are missing it because you have a replacement Believe-system as THE SECRET or the MESSAGES FROM WATER.

The  other truth might be one of “I am a servant of the divine – my fate is written” – again it is the DLE and the openness to both that I want  you to consider otherwise you end like most as a believer of one or another pole (pol-itical).

Or like Charles Tart who in his old age has not transcended the stereotype of Religion=Dogma & SCIENCE=Freedom – but again this will never end – it is the material wars are made from – and this in its turn will allow learning and transformation – however painful

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By the way ISSSEEM is no following me more and more – in their last newsletter they had this post  : 300w" sizes="(max-width: 614px) 100vw, 614px" />


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