Melbourne Health (Spirit) Navigator Seminar

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Venue: The location of the Seminar is at the Amora Hotel Riverwalk Melbourne,

649 Bridge Road, Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Schmidt will be presenting his two day seminar and will be introducing to the seminar attendants to all the latest technology and applications of the Inergetix-CoRe™ system.

Invitation to a Weekend Seminar with Dr. Kiran Schmidt

We invite you to a weekend with Dr Kiran Schmidt, who is the founder of Inergetix CoRe System.

Dr Schmidt is a physicist and a homeopath and has many years of experience in the fields of Informational and Energy Medicine

Inergetix is the most complete system for sound energy, magnetic, electric, plasma and light energy treatment. Inergetix offers the only system that combines informational and energy medicine to find reproducibly client specific frequencies. Energy medicine has suffered lacking a tool that could find frequencies that are resonant with an individual and had to fall back on an energetic allopathic approach by using tables of disease specific frequencies instead. Alternatively some practitioners use antiquated, subjective and time consuming methods like pulse diagnosis or kinesiology to find the appropriate frequencies. Inergetix offers worldwide the first and only software controlled method to find client specific frequencies automatically, fast, effective and reproducible.

This seminar introduces Informational Medicine Philosophy and provides instruction on analysis, interpretation, meaning, and customization of CoRe. We will also demonstrate enhanced possibilities of CoRe software. Learn to move away from linear thinking and cause and effect, and enter into the realm of possibilities – move from the allopathic to the holographic.

Get a chance to be inspired, and meet others that are health conscious and also practitioners and exchange ideas and much more!

This seminar is not just for practitioners it is geared to help anyone who is interested in their health and wellbeing and also this seminar will help practitioners who are interested in enhancing their practices with a multidimensional tool.

Application of CoRe in Bioenergetic Information Medicine

Inergetix-Core system treatment for energetic level uses heat, electricity and magnetism and indirectly on biochemical, structural and informational. Besides, analysis can help find out the factors to diseases. Based on reproducibility, accuracy and easily customized database of results it allows users to enter items into database for analysis.

These is no bias from practitioner’s subject can influence on the results of analysis based on large database. Its database includes Herbs from Eastern and Western, nutrition and food supplements, homeopathies, acupuncture points and meridians, emotional concepts, colours, flower essences, chakras, pathogens and toxins, and over 100 thousand items for test organized and pre-installed. It can help quickly and effectively to get to the core of a client’s issues and work on them bio-informational, and generate extensive report functionality.

Contents of the Seminar

Introduction of the CoRe Inergetix System

Introduction of : The new Virtual Doctor website

New CoRe Protocol functions – Introducing the NEW CoRe 6

Practical tips to make your work with CoRe more successful

Beneficial connection of Energy and Informational Medicine.
What is the relationship of concepts like morphological field, spiritual healing, radionics, intrinsic-datafield, sub-space, matrix, subtle healing to the new science of Informational Medicine and how can a new understanding give better practical results.
How have modalities like Bioresonance, Electro acupuncture, Rife, magnetic field and light therapy been integrated and combined with informational control mechanisms in the CoRe System.
The new Dual channel frequency therapy system
How to use new Protocol functionality for over 2000 diseases
Practical use of new informational concepts like Interference, Coherence, Hologram, Archetype, Excess Potential
The new Synthesis evaluation function and how it emulates right and left brain functionality
Practical use of the new Virtual EDS and TCM module
Why the number of disease like Autism and other learning disabilities, Trauma, Allergies and Addictions increases and why they only can be treated with informational medicine.
work with clients in person or at a distance
rapidly come to a holistic understanding of your client’s condition
Left-Right – brain imbalance: CoRe use for Autism and ADHS.
CoRe in case of substance, relationship and activity addiction.
New Infrared applicators.
New EMDR Software with binaural sound support.
The use of informational carrier to increase effectiveness.
The new module of Disease interpretation by Michael Lincoln.
Evaluation and discussion of your client cases (if you have the permission).
**** Implications of the pending certification as medical device in Europe.
Most of all NEW AMAZING FUNCTIONS in version 6.0
Informational Evaluation of Homeopathic, Crystal, Flower essences, Supplements
Imprinting, Communicating, EMDR
Electric TENS therapy, Magnetic applicators, LED and Plasma light treatment
Michael Lincoln Modules, Emotional modules
Practical ways to introduce these new concepts in your clinic
Demo evaluation with the new EDS-TCM module
The informational concepts of Hologram and Archetype and their practical application
Demo Evaluation and Treatment to show Kiran’s way of CoRe use
The concept of Interference, Coherence and RESET in disease and healing
The relationship of informational and spiritual healing
New software and hardware developments at Inergetix


The location of the Seminar is at the Amora Hotel Riverwalk Melbourne.

It is located at 649 Bridge Road, Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria; Accommodation is available to any of the delegates that wish to use the hotel facilities at a conference rate.

There are many restaurants in the area if you wish to have lunch; they are within walking distance of the conference room.

The venue is a 5 minute taxi ride from the city and is also accessible by tram along Bridge road, from Swanston Street in the city.

Please go to the website and also the links below to find out more about the Hotel Location, accommodation and transportation.

The Hotel phone number is +61 3 9246 1200

Saturday is free and only pay for Sunday when you come for the 2 days

The cost for this seminar is $220 inclusive of GST for Sunday

Bookings are essential: contact Katherine, +61 3 9884 0309, Mobile: 0417 360 164

Morning and afternoon tea is included for all delegates on both days.


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