Medical Relativity Theory

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- much buro-cracy wants to make our future save - not realizing that it spoils our present



I remember well Dr. Sharma, one of my many notable teachers.  He was a third generation traditional non allopathic-ayurvedic practitioner who taught me about nature cure entirely by telling stories; the same stories he had heard from his father and grandfather as a child.  I would visit him once a week to hear these stories, share a meal and then spend the next week thinking and reflecting on what I had heard, while trying to put it into practice.

Dr. Sharma never named a disease as he considered health to be the natural human condition and disease simply an exacerbating departure from the natural healthy state accompanied by one or more symptoms.  He compared health to a glass into which drops of water were collected.  The drops of water represented the daily crimes against wisdom committed unwittingly, in ignorance or in outright foolishness.  Nevertheless, as long as the glass was not full to the point of overflowing even the unwitting, ignorant and outright foolish would continue apparently healthy and symptom-free.  However, at some point ONE DROP of ANY UNWANTED BEHAVIORAL ALLERGEN will cause the glass to overflow with accompanying appearance of symptoms.

A return to health involves no naming of disease and any of the quantum possibilities may inform the patient that his cry for help has been heard, honored and respected.  As many mean(s)/causes led the way to suffering, many appropriate adjustments can be made provided competent informational proportions are employed.  One drop apparently resulted in disease but this is appearance as many others, theoretically an infinite number, may have contributed to this appearance.  CoRe, like quantum theory, obliges us to actively reconstruct, in everyday thinking, our notions of objects and their causal properties in terms of their mutual spatio-temporal relations. This represents a great challenge and would have a greater impact on our thinking than all previous physical theories.

Those who use CoRe have a great advantage in moving beyond Relativity Theory and its far reaching idea of the space-time continuum because using (CoRe) effectively obliges a change in our ways of thinking about space and time at the level of practical living in the everyday world.  This is a good thing and opens us up to the infinity of possibilities, while informing us of those showing promise of statistically better results. However, our classical prejudices concerning objects, their states and properties and misconceptions of quantum theory must be set aside if we hope to embrace all that pure information has to offer.


Kiran’s comment :

Thank you Mark this is very good material for thought.

All this talk about the Zero-energy-field, the MATRIX, the vaccum field, the nirwana, the astral field, the morphogenetic field are very deceptive for simple minds as they get a feeling they know something about this matter  because they have some faint ideas about other physical or energetic fields and so they think this is something like it. However we would do much better if we would leave out this idea of FIELD completely as it gives the illusion that there is a Cartesian ordering along fixed coordinate axes.

The 3 or 4 axes that are crystallized in the Cartesian system of time and space has of course first made enormous leaps in science possible but has now become the prison for most people particularly if they are educated in a western mind-frame.

Who can still imagine a life were thought and life are not dictated by time and space and all the concepts that derive from it like QUANTITY, SCHEDULE, DEADLINE, SHORTAGE, DISTANCE, SEPARATION, CONNECTION, and all our concepts as Mark says correctly related to CAUSE-AND-EFFECT who could imagine for example a cause that come later then the effect and in fact I would say this is the common rule for informational causes

Informational causes are mostly not in the past- like an abusive husband or bad parents or an insulting boss but in the future- in the way we have set our visions, goals and ideas about our future, life, friends and so on

much work for this forum to open the way for a new idea of the world – thank you for your contribution




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