Luc Montagnier – DNA Information transfer via electromagnetic radiation


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This is a fascinating new science story that confirms several theoretical assumption that we have been working with in energetic and informational medicine.

Luc Montagnier was the one who discovered in 1982 the HIV virus and got the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2008 . But he did not stop here but went on to other frontiers of science.

In short he found that if a vial with DNA is diluted to a potency of at least D7 and then radiated with a low energy and very low electromagnetic frequency of 7 Hz — water in another vial that is within the same EMF field is changed in some way that after about 16 hours the vial with pure water contains some information of the source vial.

This information could be traced in 2 ways either by again radiating this target vial with 7 Hz and then measuring the resulting EMF spectrum or even more surprising by subjecting it to a Polymerase chain reaction process PCR that is otherwise used to make copies of DNA. The DNA created via this PCR process, in this vial of pure water, was almost identical than the original one.

Even more unexpectedly – both the process of sending DNA information as well as the reconstruction of the signal in the target vial only worked for dilutions equal or higher than D7. Also just as in Homeopathy between each dilution step a strong vortex had to be applied – similar to the potentizing process in Homeopathy (however Hahnemann asked that the vials are hit on a bible for creating this vortex)

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With 79 years in 2011 he filed for a patent and as always with break-through discoveries was ridiculed by many “know-it all” scientists – so much so that he decided (at this age) to change country and take the offer to lead an institute at the Shanghai University. You can see that not only money is moving east but also creativity and openness for new ideas.

And the story does not end here – Luc Montagnier presented new findings at an event hosted by UNESCO last month on 8.October 2014 however I could not find information about this event online.

Summary and conclusions:

  1. There are strong indications that EMF imprints information into water and this information is not destroyed but actually enhanced by vortex agitation and high dilution

  2. As a culture we study mostly the effects at higher concentration, intensity, frequency, pressure a.s.o. as we believe new effects are to be found there – while neglecting the other end of the spectrum of “super low” concentration, intensity, frequency, pressure…

  3. The very low intensity and frequency of 7 Hz is also created by the human organism, this would explain why holding a vial of water while praying or with certain intentions also imprints information into water.

  4. It is noteworthy that all these experiments were done with DNA and DNA has a coil structure like electric transformers. A coil structure is the physical means to create from an alternating electric current a magnetic field that is proportional to the number of windings of the coil. Also the other way round DNA could be possible also the receiver coils in our body to transform ambient magnetic fields into electric energy that powers as well as controls our cells.

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