Learning to live and love unpredictability


…. learn to love and live the unexpected, surprise, not only in the movies but in real-life.

Summary : The ability to benefit from unpredictability/ chaos is the source and destiny of  evolution. Tragic and accident are not the exception/ obstacle but the basis and foundation of evolution. The unpredictable is the CARRIER and FACILITATOR of communication  with  the informational matrix.

Purpose : Learn to value when your garden and work of month is flushed down the hill. Lean to see Chaos not as a tragic exception, as an avoidable accident, as the end-result of a ding universe but as the source of inspiration and destiny of an evolution that wants to make us able to cooperate with an increasingly complex environment

Dear Friends

just when I was working on my thoughts about “Entropy” http://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/relationship-of-information-and-entropy/ we had one of these almost daily summer-rains here in Brazil. Most of these daily tropical rains that last only for an hour look like the end of the world for a German observer but do not cause any interruption in the life of a Brazilian.

However a week ago the new 5 meter wall that we had been building for several month, all with physical labor and rocks hand-split from some of the gigantic boulders on the island — collapsed —, almost taking my house down with its force…. very quietly…. I realized it only when a neighbor woke  us up shouting …”‘There is a problem with the wall”

Tragic and accident are not the exception/ obstacle but the basis and foundation of evolutionhttp://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/wp-content/uploads/flood-of-the-4th-December-09-300x225.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" />

Tragic and accident are not the exception/ obstacle but the basis and foundation of evolution

For many people this would look like a major tragedy….. but honestly the last 4 years since my accident in Egypt and of course the accident itself have turned my view of the world dramatically and are continuing to do so. A new messages is being released from the informational matrix that will replace the over-valuation of  predictability.

When we are sick or we want to console somebody who is sick or had some tragic experience we say things like the following :

1. Don’t worry you will be OK very soon

2. It could have been worse

3. Certainly there is a purpose for this….. at the end it will all be to your advantage.

and of course this is only the allopathic informational band-aid that is intended to cover up the warning sign/ signal/ message. To give a short term relieve for the pain without addressing the cause and the purpose….. and like in allopathy if we want to cover up …. the next message has to be delivered again quickly and with more intensity.

Equally we are always surprised by floods, earthquakes, wars, epidemics because our world view is corrupted with the idea that the creation is basically solid and predictable and that these are only unlucky exceptions that we eventually will eradicate if we only have enough science and drugs.

Dear Friends, I cannot impress strongly enough how much this faulty attitude runs all our lives and how much more aliveness, happiness and true inspiration our lives will carry if we can more and more deeply embrace the essence of DLE


Hello Kiran! We have known you until now as a Master and Teacher of the Informational Realm. But this is awesome how professionally you work with the MATERIAL too. Congratulation and we wish a calmer weather! Your friends from Hungary: Agnes & Pal


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