LaesEr Bioresonance System, New Video on Pain Relief


We are using the LaesEr Bioresonance System now on clients that are experiencing discomfort and they are achieving

Great Results!

Peter had allot of pain in both his shoulders, and also across his back and down his arms he was gardening all day and needed a treatment

When he arrived I explained to him about the LaesEr Bioresonance system and he wanted to try it

We decided to work with the LaesEr and see what results we would have for pain relief.

The  LaesEr was set up and the electrodes were as per Kirans instructions

We placed a mat on one of Peter’s painful shoulder, and not on the other one…

One at his feet and the head band and glasses..

I played soft music in the back ground and was quietly sitting in the room and watching his breathing slowing down, and his face relax, and the tension in his arms relax….  being trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy, I would say that Peter went into a very deep state, theta level of relaxation.

I was quiet for about 45 minutes before speaking gently to Peter to start a conversation;

Peter said that he had never experienced this state of wonderment and relaxation before in his life.

He said that he felt that he was sinking into the armchair in total relaxation and comfort…. and yet he felt light as if he was floating…  he was aware but very relaxed, so relaxed that he could not feel his body at all … he felt he was in a cocoon of golden light and was totally comfortable and totally protected… he felt his skin was glowing

When we compared what had taken place on the pain management side, he stated that he could not feel any discomfort at all while relaxed… he also stated that the shoulder where we had placed the mat… he did not even now feel any discomfort.. he said it was as good as new… the shoulder where we did not place the mat, he had less discomfort than before, but stated he would like another session to even things up.. so he spent about half an hour this time and he said he felt wonderful and pain free..

He stated he was relaxed but alert at the same time, it was an amazing experience and he has booked once a week for the next 6 weeks.

We now have maximum bookings for the next 6 weeks for the LaesEr Bio resonance System as well as our other CoRe work…   thank you Kiran …

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