LaesEr Bioresonance System “Feelings of Peace and Tranquility”


We have been using the new LaesEr Bioresonance System in the Homeopathic Mode

“We are having amazing results”



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Hardy’s comments after using the system: My first experience on the LaesEr Bioresonance System, is that it gave me a feeling of almost immediate peace and seclusion as if I was sitting in a sunroom or cabin in the countryside looking outside  a window at the wonderful view.

I feel totally at peace with myself, calm, collected, energised and focused.

After a busy stressful day this is a superb way of recharging and refocusing the mind and body

Whiltst being on the system I have not experienced any stressful, negative thoughts or concerns or any anxiety, for that matter

This is how I want to feel all the time, it centres me

I need this everyday, as I feel focused, my thoughts are clear.

I have a very stressful profession and if I could start my day everyday with a session on the LaesEr Bioresonance System it would be great.  I have an amazing amount of clarity and focus when I finish my session..


Caroline’s comments were very positive also: I feel really chilled, I feel so incredibly relaxed, I have a warm and tingly feeling all over my body.  I can actually feel my own energy, I feel warm and relaxed a really good feeling

I would recommend this system to everybody.

Lisa comment: I had feelings of oneness, warmth, relaxation and peace… a sense of healing came over me… it was amazing that when I finished my session I felt allert and focused, clear thinking, clarity and certanty.. it is a truly amazing experience, everyone should have these sessions..

Audreys comment: I can feel this wonderful sensation in my body of total relaxation and warmth and peacefulness, I can actually feel the energy in my joints, it is a wonderful feeling .

After I had the session and we were talking with Katherine I could feel this clarity and focus in my mind. I would recommend this system to everyone.

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