LaesEr-Bioresonance realizing “elevated resonance”

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multiple light stimulation - resonance - the LaesEr Bioresonance principle





Summary: The LaesEr Bioresoance System differs first from all other on the market in that it uses measurable and sensible energies. Secondly it uses a new Principle that I call E-resonance which stands for Elevated-Resonance.

LaesEr is the acronym for Life Amplification by Energy Stimulation & Elevated Resonance.

It is common understanding that in order to transmit energy it is necessary to find a resonant frequency.

The first type of resonance, the one given in schoolbooks, which I will call Energizing Resonance, is that of the opera singer that knows so well how to tune into a resonant frequency that he can make a glass shatter with pure sound is given.

Without further thought this principle is taken to be the principle of successful frequency therapy as well. Even Rife believed that blowing up viruses is the way to heal and the reason why he saw many good effects by radiating people with individual frequencies. Likewise the allopathic idea of Bioresonance philosophy was teaching that cure was the result of finding an inverted frequency pattern to which the client would resonate, in order to cancel any imaginary “pathogenic” frequencies.

I questioned it if is really the best approach in general and in holistic medicine in particular, like in Radiotherapy or when microwaving a piece of meat, to tune into that frequency where the absorption of the tissue is highest so it will heat up the quickest. This approach is like bombarding someone with energy, chemicals or information where he has no ability to reflect and instead has to absorb it all, until in some case he explodes just as the glass above.

Instead I was looking at example in nature that showed a more healthy  and less self-destructive form of resonance and actually found it in hundreds of examples. The general essence of resonance (is not the extreme of 100% absorption) but that an object is able to partially absorb the matter/energy/information applied to it and reflect the other part.

The spectrum between 100% resonance to non-resonance is given by all the degrees of possible reflection. From our Outward-based cultural view point it was omitted to see – that part of the reflection comes back to the emitter of the matter/energy/information (MEI) and the emitter in itself reflects part of the reflected MEI back to the object establishing a loop. If the resonance degrees of object or emitter are not matching either eventually the Object “overheats” by the amount of reflected MEI or the emitter. Engineering is full of challenges that are about matching sender and receiver in a way that the desired effect is achieved.

Only a fraction of all technical problems asks for a 100% resonance of the receiver, like in the microwave or opera-singer example that is always given as the archetypal example.

The second form of resonance that I call  “Entrainment Resonance” is the result of matching where energy is reflected back and forth between emitter and receiver and thus a ping-pong-effect is established. Every input MEI is trapped, like in a cavity, and in the end is turned into heat, or another form of undirected energy – there is hardly any “loss” of MEI to the environment anymore – the objects are is “entangled”.

This entrainment Resonance is the basis for countless closed loops in thought, emotion, physiological processes and relationship that in the end lead to stagnation and the need for illness to come in to break the dependence.


With respect to ideas the same affect will lead to an overemphasis of generalization, paradigm, dogmatism, buro-cracy, formalism, need for protocols, rules, generic solutions, autism. Repeated activities that once have proven to be beneficial or enjoyable will turn into habits, pattern, compulsions. In the field of physiological processes this is seen in less flexibility to react to outside impulses, immune-diseases, hypersensitivities, allergies, addictions,

In relationships it often follows the following EN-pattern : Entertained -> enchanted -> entranced -> engaged -> entrained -> entrapped and eventually enslaved.

This is not limited to husband and wife relationships but often also happens in Mother-child relationships and would happen much more often it nature would not have programmed seemingly wild methods into the psychology of children to break free of this cycle – we call this adolescent behavior.

Also in the relationship to the social environment such cycles lead to fear of loosing a job, reputation, security and are expressed in conservatism, competitiveness, loneliness, imitative behavior, dialects, customs, that whenever they become too fixed are the cause that disease has to come in to break the vicious cycle. Likewise most religious practices have crystallized to this entrainment level.

The 3rd and luckily most common form of resonance involves not only 2 parts but 3 this is the reason. Our Logo contains this in the form of  the Sierpinski triangle, a Hologram that is generated by an infinite number of trinities. I call this form the “Elevated resonance” or enlivening, encouraging, enabled resonance. Different then the second it contains a third element, that elevates or enhances the form of resonance that is occurring.


One of the best known examples for this kind of Resonance is the LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (however this acronym does not describe the essence of the laser-phenomenon as under this definition even blowing air into a fire would make a laser as Light is Amplified by Stimulating the Emission by blowing air into the fire)

The fact that makes a LASER  different from a fire or a light bulb  however, is the fact that it contains besides an emitter (Pump) and a receiver (Medium) means by which the MEI is fed back to and from a third element. In an ordinary Laser this is achieved with 2 mirrors that form the resonator, without the resonator it would simply be a light bulb or LED

The Laser-Resonance that I called the “elevated resonance” is very different from the second form of resonance in many ways particularly in that it can create enormous amounts of light without significant amounts of heat, which in general is an aspect of the second type of resonance. The form of Light or energy it creates  has several exceptional qualities.

The LASER principle is the archetypal expression of this third type of resonance that is the basis of the great majority of processes in nature and healing and that I have re-coined in the more appropriate acronym of LaesEr that is the basic principle of the new LaesEr-Bioresonance device.

TO summarize :

A) it is not enough to stimulate with neutral energy as it is done in almost all energetic forms of therapy – be it complementary or conventional – but external energy has to be merged with internal energy, in a feedback loop, to be effective

B) the idea it would be healing to only feed back an inverted signal, as is the idea in conventional Bioresonance, is allopathic.

C) The new LaesEr Bioresonance system integrates – Energy stimulation – with Elevated response



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Inergetix, Inc. founder and chief scientist.

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  1. Hello,
    Could it be possible to use the LaesEr Bioresonance (as an intermediate device) in conjunction with laser in order to be able to determine for example the best frequencies of a laser light mat (for example) or laser stimulator for acupuncture points in each patient, and be able to produce frequency shifts of the laser light according to the patient biofeedback in real time? Or does the LaesEr bioresonance system works by itself without the need of any energy source as for example the laser light?

    Kiran’s comment :

    The LaesEr Bioresonance device can work in 3 configurations :

    1. Stand- alone —> then it does what any Bioresonance system does it feeds inverted or none-inverted client frequencies back to the client – and what it does can be verified with any Oscilloscope

    2. Together with the Health Integrator —> it can drive any one of our magnetic, electric or LED applicators with the frequencies of the client in real time + the Health Integrator even has a Laser output of the same frequencies

    3. Together with Health Integrator or Health Navigator and the CoRe system software it can supply client specific frequencies found with the CoRe Algorithm to the client as “Stimulating energy” and then feed back the response of the client in a feedback look for neuro-stimulation properly synthesized with his own frequencies

    so all is possible