LaesEr Bioresonance breaking new ground


I am excited about so many new discoveries that come up with the LaesEr Bioresonance system. Different than conventional Bioresonanz Systems the LaesEr Bioresonance device together with the Inergetix Health Integrator or the Health Navigator feeds-back the frequencies of the client in amplified form which multiplies the effects.This video shows how even pulserate becomes resonant.

Bioresonace is known to be effective in particularly 2 groups of diseases – Allergy and Addiction. Both are polar opposites, the first means to be repulsed too much – the second means to be attracted too much. Both disease categories show an exponential rise in contemporary times .

People fear things more than necessary or adore others more than is healthy because they do not have a solid sense of their own identiy – so the borders getting blurred and addiction or allergy are the result. From this point of view it becomes understandable that feeding back personal frequencies enhances the sense of self – similar as looking into a mirror – this way the frequent cures that have been reported with Bioresomance become understandable.

With the LaesEr Bioresoance system this effect is multiplied by the fact that the signal is amplified to such a degree that even the Human Bodyfield can be picked up and demonstrated for the first time from a distance.

However more importantly the LaesEr Bioresonance system creates an immediate sense of warmth and self-cuddling when used with the electrically conductive fabrics that is the key to healing.


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Inergetix, Inc. founder and chief scientist.


  1. Dear Kiran,

    the new LaesEr Bioresoance System is absolutely fantastic, I first saw the demonstration in Melbourne in February and then again now, I am very excited about including  the LaesEr Bioresoance System in our practice and also in our up coming training in Australia.

    Thank you for your endless work in continuing to develop systems and applicators to help the CoRe Community and also all our friends/clients improve their health 


  2. on

    Dear Kiran,
    I had also an opportunity to see LaesER-Bioresonance demonstratin in Melbourne on Feb 2011 and I was again in awe regarding the dimensions your inventions can reach. I am very much looking forward to participating in Kaherine Tassioulas workshop regarding this new system and eventually starting to use it on myself and my clients.

    Congratulations and blessings for your wonderful work for the humanity and all life

    With gratitude
    Marjatta Salonen
    Sydney, Australia

  3. Hello Kiran

    Firstly I wish to express to you my gratitude, because what you do and how you are doing it, I like very much.
    First you are rational and critical in every direction, it is excellent.
    You do not let anything pass.
    You’re right , and apparently you are so much required, this intellectually honest, accurate, detailed, is a very high quality, it gives confidence because its serious.
    Your work brought me into deep reflection because for once someone brings coincide in one set of more or less unified physics and metaphysics.
    I spoke with 2 users who seem lost with respect to the prospects of the CoRe system for the simple reason that they have not learned the basics of the metaphysics.
    For most people, metaphysical is identified with emotional, subjectivity, psychism, sensory, while all science as it is above all rational.
    I say for having approached within my culture and tradition of origin in which metaphysics is rational, very rational.
    As such I reserve one of these days to develop a little more than a few ideas and comments that might be useful.

    I have a question:
    I think you know the EIS, Electro Interstitial Scan Dr MAREK located in Miami which is a impedance scanning.
    What do you think about?
    His predecessor DDFAO was replaced and improved.
    Would you have the equivalent or better in preparation for adding to the overall CoRe system?
    If yes, it would be great.
    Because I seek in the near future to have a complete system , energétic and informational.
    I know that the actual CoRe system with different devices makes the two but the energétic system that I need  must to give me physiological and biological information too if possible.
    And it seems to me that the EIS can.

    Kiran’s comment:

    Dear Hassan
    thank you for your appreciation – In respect to the EIS I can say that I tested it as it seems very appealing that a system exists that can analyze your physiological parameters so well and reproducible just by measuring skin conductivity at 4 points. Would be the way to make all labs and sophisticated scanning methods that the rest of science has developed over so many years look very primitive.

    But sorry to disappoint you also here – it really is another disguise of the old random number generator – I just changed some simple input parameters like birth date by a few days or weight by a kilo or two and the results and dietary recommendations given were completely different. Only then I looked into the history of the EIS a bit closer and found of Albert Maarek was an early cooperator of Bill Nelson and then the rest was clear.

    Just think all of established science knows it is highly difficult to extract just the proportion of fat/ tissue/ fluids from an impedance signal and here is a device that says it can find about every physiological detail about a person just by measurement with 4 electrodes – certainly would be a noble price – but it is just one of these many gimics that hide a random number generator behind a pseudo-scientific face – simply because so many people are believers of this kind of technology religion – and that is why Kiran is such a black sheep.

  4. Dear Kiran

    No problems you did not apologize and i am not disapointed, i prefer the truth not the dream , we have much to thank you for doing this work for us.

    Lying is morally and spiritually wrong for what can be demonstrated.
    For the rest, which is not yet we can discuss

    You see even for those who have a scientific background we do not have the technical means to check so we beleive.
    What do you want, we can not be suspicious all the time on anything, it would quickly become crazy and paranoid.

    Yes you are a black sheep but a good.

    It is very courageous.