Lack of God-connection the ultimate reason for sickness



It is Christmas 2010 and coincidently I am again in my dear Bali

where I recorded this movie two years ago – but nothing has changed –

this is my understanding even more firmly now  – and I predict :

“This understanding will have a Renaissance and replace the paper-box explanations about the cause of disease as

Viruses, missing supplements, toxins, DNA, family trauma and the never ending list of new things to blame”

Happy Christmas

In my philosophy I discriminate 4 levels of existence





Physical and Energetic are very similar in that they obey time and space and as a result are quantifiable and observe the 1st law of physics “The law of conservation of energy” this is the world of 20th century physics and of most holistic medicine

The world of the spirit, also called divine, consciousness, SELF, Tao,  God and was more or less accepted as unspeakable accessible only to  believe.

In this truncated world-view the missing link was the “world of Information” also called the morphological realm, the world of ideas, the astral field, the akashic records.

There is a lot of talk about “Informational Medicine” since I coined this term about 10 years ago – do a search on Google and you will see that it is only Kiran that is giving any substance to this concept rather than just mixing it into the hotch-potch of other  terms used.

This forum gives an insight about the new aspects and concepts of this science

However here I want to go one step further – Also the informational world is not the ultimate but an interface to the world of the spirit – very comparable to our mind being the interface to consciousness.

There can be countless forms of expression of consciousness but consciousness itself cannot be put in informational concepts without being corrupted – God is not only ONENESS but Oneness is just another aspect of God – just as much as DIVERSITY. For example there is not “my” consciousness as consciousness is all and one – just as there is not my god and your god.

A rock is ONE, a Dog is ONE but we are usually struggling with our manifoldness so we want to be more certain – more definite – we want to have security. Therefore we  search for ways to define ourselves – either with possessions, with a cultural belonging, rituals, habits, dialect, dress, religious dogma or nowadays many define themselves by “NOT BELONGING” by being the “Steppenwolf” of Herman Hesse that has only one dogma “I do not belong to anyone or anything” – not understanding that this is just “another definition/ trap”

All these ways –  ultimately do not give the feeling of satisfaction that we are all here for to discover and therefore we hold on to one or another thing, thought or habit that gives us a senses of stability. This eventually leads to stagnation that has to be broken in order not to crystallize.

Many diseases carry the message of this stagnation rather obviously AND always are an attempt to be SOMEONE special :

Addictions : the need to have something more than others

Allergy : the need to avoid something more than others

Autism : the need to do things properly and to avoid disturbance by others – reclusive-ness, perfectionism, objectivity, detachment

ADHD : the need to do all at once and to be on top of everything, knowing everything being online all the time, being connected

Parkinson &  Alzheimer :  the need to be in control

Chronic Fatigue, Paralysis : the need to rest and to get support, dependence, submission, giving-all

The above interpretations of these key diseases are only approximations that will fit many cases but dont assume universal validity.

BUT all are an expression of missing this sense of “Having reached the purpose of life” which is not ONENESS or any other polar possible attribute of existance but it is the transcendance of Polarity – which is not identical with ONENESS as ONENESS is again only one side of the Spectrum the best term to describe this state that can only be experienced or excemplified in countless examples but not fixed in a one sentence definition is what I call DLE (dynamic labile equilibrium) AND I would say that it in fact to live POLARITY in the most wholehearted mad way that is the way of transcendence – rather then by continue to escape it by a vain search for ONENESS

So to study to be in DLE is a way to transcend both the physical, energetic  and the informational realm because all of them have polarity as their basis. Jesus is to me the exemplification of DLE he lives and expresses all possible polarities without preference

1. Son of man and son of god

2. Jew and not-jew

3. Priest and companion of the 3 Marys

4. King born to the poor – healer

5. Jesus was all Polarity and time and our dislike for Interference has filtered all contradictions from the picture that is left

These were the key polarities of his time now we can follow in his steps by :

1. thinking globally and thinking locally

2. acting globally and acting locally

3. living in the now and in past and future

4. having a home and having no home

5. being reliable and being unpredictable

6. being soft and hard

7. being direct and indirect

8. being passive and active

9. being absorbing and reflecting

10. being stabile and labile

11. eating meat and being a lover of animals

12. having principles and having none


and a hundred other polarities – if you can integrate them in your life by living them fully –

you take “YOUR CROSS” and follow the example of JESUS



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