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the following is a welcome contribution by Jason regarding my question “What is information”….. some of you might find all this hyper-theoretical and not at all necessary for our main focus of healing people…. certainly this would be correct if we are just in the business of applying chemicals or energy for healing but in fact we want to give Information as the main factor…. therefore if you do not have an idea of “What it is you are working with” you will not be successful …. also if you do not care about this topic you do not care about how you think and make decisions in your life… before I say more … here is whatJason has to say about it (highlight in Bold by me):

My answer is information=organization is the Mysterium. The Great Mystery in Latin is called the Magnum Mysterium and is very abstract. It is fruitless in trying to define a universal definition for information because it is elusive and always changing, but we can give it a discriminating quality to express the nature of information.

Without an organized order and stable space-time structure (non-implosive and non explosive), information would be inefficient in evolution if even possible at all because then it would be truly chaotic. But that is not the case in our universe. It can be said that there really is no true chaos except unfolding order.  Therefore, all information evolves in an organized manner through changes occurring in momentum w/ the true object of Oneness.

The I’Ching is used to obtain meaningful information from straight and broken sticks in a reading. There are 64 permutations (symbols) possible with the I’Ching and this is the only number that you can use to generate one of nature’s geometric shapes – namely the 64 tetrahedron grid (coincidentally and probably the only geometric structure that is non-implosive and non-explosive in structure.) This is also the symbol of the flower of life. The broken lines of the sticks of the I’Ching are authentic because they are needed to fill the polar opposites as some of the lines intersect when creating the 64 tetrahedron grid with it. When the 64 tetrahedron grid is deconstructed back into straight sticks, you get exactly the same number of lines and equal ratios that make up the 64 hexagrams of the I’Ching. This all goes to say that information is really Organization In Formation (but in constant change). However, asking the question of why and how the I’Ching derives its meaningful answer to us is of seeking for the Mysterium (more below).

In your ‘information page’ it reads, “information is potential,” which is correct, but anything can be a potential or have any kind of permutations so this answer doesn’t go farther in giving information a discriminating quality. One can even say energy is potential, is the Tao, is God. But on your ‘information page’ it reads:

“Information is IN-FORMATION, it is that which gives form to things and events, but more than that it is/ provides the reason, the purpose, the direction what things are and what they can become, it is the plan of past, present.”

The above statement is the perfect expression of organization (order/structure/foundation/formation/in-formation). You can tinker with this expression further and call it self-organization, creative-organization, God-organization, or just a spontaneous quantum holographic fractal organization of neter (nature). Notice neter is the Greek word for nature, which sounds like neater, implying neatness and order in all of nature. The thing that gives form to things is obviously geometry/shapes, and the thing that gives form to unfolding events is obviously numbers – as in (exoteric) clock & seasonal time and (esoteric) psychological and zodiacal time. All this is really just Information/Organization in Formation. Either way, this order exists and anything that has order by definition must have some sort of plan (even if the plan has no absolute goal as in a self-creative goal). And behind a plan you obviously find purpose, reason, and direction – even if the plan itself is merely just to exist (in this case the purpose, reason, and direction could be just existence in itself). Man obsessively continues to seek after and find a purpose or reason for this ‘great plan.’ They want to find the “meaning” or “essence” of this plan. What could the purpose of this plan be? Can there be more than one main goal? Can it be reached via exercise of reason or explained at all? In philosophical jargon this great mystery is the “ground” of life. Lao Tzu described the mystery this way: “The valley spirit never dies. It is called the ‘the mysterious female.’ The gate of the mysterious female is called ‘the root of heaven and earth.’ It is there within us all the while; Draw upon it as you will, it never runs dry.” This great mystery is the order, structure, and foundation of life; it is the organization of the root of all life and it is manifested in creative holarchy and not hierarchy. It is both source and destiny. I agree with Kiran’s definition of what a mystery is (If I remember right it means something that is/remains unsolvable.) I think Kiran may have solved the riddle already. However, the discriminating quality of information is organization.

But then one asks the microcosmic question of what directs the so-called subject (person) to the object (information)? The answer is still the same as to the one posed by the macroscopic question above (as above, so below). Man is not only a spectator of information, but he is also part of it. In another words, information and man are not separate. There is no strict difference or division between apparent subjects and objects. The relationship is in fact Oneness. Thinking is of time. Being is not confined by time. Therefore information is not there to be known but to be experienced. But only a truly unique and complete individual can experience true Oneness or Wholeness. The German word for thought (denken) and thanks (danken), derive from the same root. So thinking gratitude is thinking Oneness, Existence, and the Real.

Here are my secondary qualities of each:

Informational Spirit: Oneness that has organization (which an individual can access through a process to be in a state of Wholeness*)

Informational Information: information that is self-determined yet holarchic in order that is directed by choice, whether the individual/group remains conscious or unconscious of choice. In actuality everything is really conscious.

Informational Energy: Change that has organization (Change that can have meaningful expression in transformation through organization)

Informational Matter: Momentum that has organization (and carries intentional or unintentional tendencies within the holographic blueprint)

*A real solid definition of Oneness must be explained: Oneness should in actuality be defined as a state of Wholeness or Allness experienced by a complete and unique individual, not the Oneness defined by the New-Agents, referring to a million broken shards of glasses coagulating back into one piece in Singleness. This is the path towards the New World Order. Oneness in the latter sense is merely an illusion because it does not exist in nature, but is an abstraction of man’s mind. So in this sense, Oneness is really division disguised as unity.

Kiran’s Comment :

First thank you Jason…. I thought nobody was interested in my New Year Quiz…. and lets remember this is only about stimulating further thought not about finding “Who is right” (stuckness on the informational level or in my terms – matter information -) What I have done until now was not to give an answer to “What is information” but only to give a definition “Information = Potential” … this says as little as the “Energy = Matter” only once I have given laws of information based on this definition, in the coming weeks, we can say to some degree “That we know what is information”

When we define anything we usually take one of its quality and make it the defining/ essential/ base quality of it – nothing else. For example when I define human = conscious life-form, Woman = child bearing human, Night = Sun on the opposite site of the planet, and you can already see from these 3 examples there could be countless other definitions for the same item…… and this is the main problem of our informational world that we fight over definitions rather than trying to extract useful results from all the possible different definitions. (How many woman for example struggle a whole life with “How to define their woman-ness) … coincidently here in Thailand about half of all (Debora’s guess) man is half woman called Lady-boys…. but they do not suffer so much as other gays/ she male/ trans-gender as in other countries as it is an accepted 3rd gender : 300w" sizes="(max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px" />

Lady boys in Thailand

You can see if such a very simple definition of male and female creates so much differences in opinion how much more for less obvious qualities as consciousness or information. One of the main blocks in understanding is the misconception that if we only think long enough we will get to the essence/ the real answer/ reality/ truth – while not understanding that we can only make definitions and derived from that can come to useful extrapolations based on  these base- definitions.

These base-definitions are what rules our life and thinking and to the degree we are stuck to one or another definition we will suffer its interpretation. The way out is again to be in a DLE in relation to definitions “Certainly to have working definitions (Equilibrium-factor) but at the same time to be able to change it depending on circumstances (Lability-relationship)

Organization that Jason suggested as a definition of Information is just another quality of Information like Meaning, Purpose, Content, Substance, Connections and coutless others that one could use as the defining quality of information…. almost all Philosophers do not realize the meaninglessness of just taking one Definition as more real than another and can spend a whole life-time on explaining the superiority of one definition over all others…. what a wast of time.

The reason why I see it as more benefitial (and I have to prove this in the coming month) to define Information = Potential is because we know many relationships of POTENTIAL with the quantitative precision of modern science which we do not have for the concept of ORGANIZATION …. and this happens most of the time in our life and philosophy that we define/ explain/ think-to-explain one word with another one which are equally obscure . For example to define Human = conscious-being does not help us anything as we know as little what is consciousness as we know what it means to be human.

But we know a lot about the concept of  POTENTIAL in physics as I will explain in the next posts so it is useful as you will see to define Information = Potential. And we know a lot about what CHANGE means in physics … (please re-read the comment of Willy about Lucians post on Information  and its relationship to differential equations  here“the-role-of-information”/#comments ) so that also the definition ENERGY = CHANGE makes a lot of useful implications possible……. and certainly we know thousands of examples of INERTIA in all areas of life that the definition of MATTER = INERTIA makes a lot of sense.

THIS TOPIC how to definitions control our informational life will be another key topic of the new science of information. I will show how Definitions form what I want to call the INFORMATIONAL COORDINATE SYSTEMS of our life


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