Jealousy and Envy: invariably symptoms of insecurity


Though the terms are used interchangeably, there is a difference between the two. Jealousy is milder, and is often more visible. Envy sticks to one’s soul like a leech, draining a lot of psychic energy.

Inherently deep-seated and unspoken, envy is not easily detectable either by the one who feels it or to others. It is like a perpetual conveyor belt of packages of jealousies. It feeds on a perceived sense of deprivation, filling the person with bitter resentment and remorse.

Why am I writing this post? As radionic practitioners we all know that with the CoRe system, we can do wonderful things and this on all levels. The problem however is that not all of our customers, always do understand the span of our work as well as our insights. When their problem is solved, they seldom are grateful, and some even don’t want to pay for it…

Envy and jealousy is often the cause. All envy is caused by an over-active and misused imagination. The Bible addresses jealousy as follows: James 3:16 says, “For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every evil thing.” From this wisdom, we learn that wrong thinking produces wrong living. Those who have thoughts of jealousy or feelings of envy will be characterized by confusion, disorder, and worthlessness. Nothing good comes from an evil and jealous spirit.

As radionic trainers we have had hundreds of course participants over the years, and also within this selected public, we have been more than once very disappointed by people who tried to pull all our know how and deeper knowledge out of our soul, and then tried to demolish our reputation by becoming very personal and even aggressive in words and writing. They try to set the rules, and through that sickening combination of possessiveness, suspicion, rage, and humiliation— they try to overtake ones mind.

Therapists often regard the demon as a scar of childhood trauma or a symptom of a psychological problem. And it’s true that people who feel inadequate, insecure, or overly dependent tend to be more jealous than others. When they send out letters or mails, they sign with their name followed by 5 or more “titles” that must “prove” their importance. They even mislead customers, by “inventing” titles such as, radionic coach, which they don’t deserve because they didn’t even enrol for the exam….

The Greek philosopher Antisthenes hit the nail on the head: “As iron is eaten by rust, so are the envious consumed by envy.” Uncontrolled feelings of jealousy of customers or students— and the behaviour that accompanies those feelings — could destroy your good work. Nigel Nicholson, a professor at the London Business School, tells anyone who has just been promoted that they need to consciously change their attitudes and routines toward co-workers in order to fend off attacks of jealousy. This is the same for customers or course participants.

As radionic practitioner you should be aware of such “attacks”. Hang on to your honest principles, and don’t let you bring down by envy of others, or don’t let them drain out your psychic abilities, even if they insult you with heavy words created to harm such as “rotten character” or “person missing integrity” and other trash, showing how large their problem in reality is. We have gone through all of this, even when we strongly increased their fathers life condition (who was very badly hit by the Parkinson disease during many years), as well as the intensive coaching during our customer’s numerous law suits, or personal relationship problems, all for free….

Be aware for those who enjoy your eventual misfortune. The Germans have a word for it, Schadenfreude!

Where there is much light, there is also much shade. Stay on the right track.

Kiran’s comment :

Willy focuses a lot on the emotional validity of the practitioner, maybe more than some feel comfortable, and I am surprised as I know Willy from all his books as scientist only. (We will soon have some of his books on a separate website) But obviously he is not naive as many people that promote RADIONICS as an objective tool that is not influenced by the operator and his idiosyncrasies. In fact what powers informational modalities and tools is Consciousness and this has to be developed parallel to all the informational techniques to become a successful partitioner….. thank you Willy for adding this important aspect to the forum…..


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  1. I think Jealousy and Envy must be clearly defined or else you yourself won’t clearly know what you are feeling. And if you don’t know what you’re own feelings are then you are in trouble. These are 2 totally different things. Jealousy can be also out of good. I can say I am jealous of my friend’s new Ferrari, but I also wish him well with it. There is no harm done. In fact, the very jealous circumstance makes me work harder/more efficient in life without harming a fly. This is good. But envious on the other hand is far more different, and far more sinister. Envy says that not only do you want your friend’s ferrari, but you will harm him to take it. These are two totally different definitions/expressions. Again insecurity may not inherently be a bad thing, unless you are living in the West, then they’ll surely make you feel like it is. I also don’t enjoy the company of envious people, but we have no right to tell people how to act or how to live. The Universal “free will” Force doesn’t care about those circumstances. We can only change ourselves and our own attitudes and paradigms. In fact, we cannot judge anyone else. It can even be argued that if man continues to chase his folly, he will become wise. If man continues to be envious, one day he may become enlightened by it. And that initial enviousness is just what the doctor called for. Depends on man’s ability to just let go to learn the new. Some people are fast, and some are slow. Now you can either compassionately cheer-lead people or you can do as what Nieztche said, “push things that are about to fall.” Either way, I don’t think it matters. Because a free will zone means we have all types of people and all types of ways. People must accept what is.
    This just my opinion. I think humanity is envious because of primal trauma and because they are brainwashed into believing that there is a lack of in this unvirse. The truth is that the Universe and Nature does not lack.

    Kiran’s comment:

    This is a good example why I always advice “Not to discuss CoRe results with the client” as any result can be interpreted in any way even that when I my client says “I am jealous of my brothers Ferrari” it could mean that he “wishes him well”…. CoRe works by bypassing the mind and all its definitions, just like EMDR is there to go around it… we are all masters to protect us from what could get us out of our stuckness and the mind is our biggest prison guard….. For example we all know that the people in Africa are starving because their mind does not let them see that “The truth is that the Universe and Nature does not lack.”….. as THE SECRET is teaching.

    • in the holistic paradigm it would be more meaningful to define things as complements rather then as opposites (including man vs women, black vs white, negative vs positive and etc.) because everything is unified in an interconnecting way. for example, we find some holistic practitioners in TCM that teach ying as the opposite of yang in black and white, which is not accurate. Yin and Yang are actually complements of each other. everything that is brought into this world casts a shadow of itself and is not separate in that manner – thus the term wholistic. In whole things, there are really no totally distinct opposites, disassociations or separations – there are only complements of the whole. This is why I say in my other talks that only truly unique individuals can feel Oneness because they are Whole within themselves as a fractal of the greater whole – Oneness is division disguised as unity. Contrary, the social conformists (including the punks and mods) are not able to feel Oneness in the Whole sense because they have been cut-off from their inner-republics and thus are no longer unique (unique can just mean the true you or self-hood). Their thoughts and emotions are not truly their own. They have become a parrot to the people who want to control them by way of disassociation.
      Yes it is often said today that love and fear are the two contending heavyweights where all other emotions stem only from either of these two but not both. And in this sense it can be said that fear is the absence of love. However, most of the love we express in today’s world is not true love, but false love. It’s just a matter of degree before it turns from small scale psychopathy to large scale atrocities and manias. Yet how many people commit this atrocity on a daily basis not even being aware/conscious that it is collectively being projected and perforce out to the larger social context? False loves comes in many disguises to hide itself and can also be called special love (since special attributes must be met for one to be loved) or Hollywood love. The latter is the most appropriate term for false love in these MTV (empty) times. The term Hollywood actually comes from the sorcerers’ or magicians’ wooden wands that were made from the wood of the Holly tree in the past. Words, numbers symbols, and mantras are not created by accident, just like nothing in politics today is happening by accident. So incidentally Hollywood is still using sorcery on us. Watch movies closely and you will notice the subtle symbolisms and subliminal suggestions in programming on a mass scale. So remember that when people are good with manipulation of words and language (wordsmiths), they can also easily manipulate your thoughts and opinons and also your consciousness almost like if you’re in a trance. This manipulation is not only found in politics & religions but it is embedded into the consciousness of all today – infected are parents, doctors, police and etc. Disassociation (as one form of it in thinking things as opposites) is a form of mind control. How do you know if you are a dissociative and a fragmented creature? When you wonder if the world is actually real or just a projection stemming from your own imagination, if the world is actually made from mind or matter, when scientists scratch their heads and can’t make up their minds if a photon is really a wave or a particle, and when electro-magnetic energy is really stemming from electricity or magnetic waves. We all been brought up from young to think in these dissociative ways and people wonder why the man today is the schizoid being he is (and they actually go on to treat the schizophrenia when it is just a symptom and not the problem). Why did these dualisms in man arise in the first place is another topic of discussion – and no it is not a separate topic to this one but a compliment to this important topic. To often is authority taken as truth, and not the truth taken as authority. But to know truth, one must be able to discern truth by way of subtle differences. The Chinese emperor in the movie Mulan said something like “One grain of rice can tip the scale of war and thus spell defeat of a whole nation.” Similarly, one mistake in misjudgment of words and language can turn you into a trance zombie instrument used by others who have more power than you.

      Kiran’s comment:

      yes this was and is the oldest of all quests how to integrate duality… dogma and imagination would always try to get rid of one side/ polarity which always would lead to sickness… some homeopath think they need to use only one remedy, of course the right one, Rife frequency therapists subscribe to the alopathic doctrine that there is one frequency the MOR that will kill the bad microbe. This forum is about the solution …. which I have given the name DLE the state of dynamic labile equilibrium that the CoRe system can find on a biochemical. energetic and informational level… this goes much beyond the philosophies of past centuries

  2. Just a little story
    The man was sitting in his garden. Beside the water. It was late in the afternoon and the grass became a little damp. The lark sang his beautiful song in the top of the ancient tree. Outside everything was quiet. The water was calm. But inside the man there was much noise. He thought that a meditation would help him to calm down a little. He looked at the surface of the water and saw his strained face in the mirror. He felt tired.

    Just when he wanted to stand up, stiff of thinking, he heard a warm and clear voice.
    “Dear men, why are you so anxious? It must be your painful heart, full of anger.
    Yes I saw the way you tried to react on the conflict there is. You took your position in the Arena. Found a smart but not highborn solution. And… Are you satisfied?” The man looked above and beside him. But there was no body to see. Though the voice was so clear en loving, he could not avoid him.
    ” My friend, why didn’t you speak about the pain? The pain in the heart because of the conflict? What was it that you could not communicate? Was it proud? Was it fear? Was it human? Was it your heart, armoured and hidden? ”

    Than he felt a healing light, a warmth that embraced his heart. And the voice said: ” learn this lesson my friend: Love and humility are the power of the real master. His heart is his most inportant instrument. Because he knows: Feeling the heart is healing the heart. And a healed heart is full of love, peace and joy.”

    And the light came over him and lightened up the heart of the man. And the armour melted. He was thankful.

    ” My light and love embraced you and will embrace everyone who suffers in this situation. So all will be healed.”
    “Goodbye my friend.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Willy.
    As Mahatma Gandhi said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”…. it seems we will be fought more and more now, but hopefully the Energy concept will win!

    And maybe in yet another 100 Years the concept of Informational Medicine will be established as well…. because what guides and gives value to energy is information…. Kiran

  4. When I said You are in trouble was implying the general populous of America today who are popping pillz or seeking psychologists because they think they have some so called diseases or social illness. I wasn’t targeting anyone specifically, or the Energy concept and I think this topic is very important to healing. I think the topic of discussion is one of importance.

    The popping pill fad partly comes from people not knowing their own emotions and feelings – not knowing the real differences between the feelings of anger vs jealously as I shortly discussed above. This includes many other emotions like anger and hate, which many people are not aware of the real subtle differences. They are not the same. Anger can be a good anger if it is coming from the blue flame that is rooted in spirituality where the spirit of rebellion turns the negative to the positive (constructive in force). But the red flame of anger is much like a baby striking out and hate only consumes. These differences in all these emotions and feelings must be clearly understood by the holistic practitioner. Where are the roots of these thoughts coming from? Are these thoughts given to you by society or based on approval ratings or coming from man’s heart? All these things must be considered holistically.

    In fact, I am going to say that hate, anger, jealousy or envy has never caused any real problems worth examining in this world. The real problem is not caused by hate, but by false love.

    When you have accepted the definition of love, then you have also brought the definition of hate et al into the world. Love exists only because hate exists along with it. How can it be any other way. To only accept one difference and suppress the other will only cause neurosis. I am not saying hate is good, but it is built into the system. It is the full package of life given by nature, not me. So we must accept the complement of love and recognize that in actuality Hate is no the opposite of Love, but the absence of Love.

    But if you really think about it, Hate itself has never caused any serious problems in our world – the great insanities and atrocities still being perpetrated in the world today which has much deeper roots. If you have understood the different spectrums of hate as I discussed above, you’ll understand and accept that hate exists as part of a natural emotion in people and this is perfectly natural as long as the person is living authentically and balanced– some types of hate are needed for certain occasions. For example, getting mad as hell against the people seeking to establish the NWO using the blue flame of anger is perfectly ok, and I would consider even more sane than the average happy depressive. But it wasn’t Hate that started the civial war because one person from the South said I hate the North and started blasting. It wasn’t Hate that triggered the Nazie Movement or WWI, WWII or will be the cause of WIII. Hate doesn’t do these things. These were perpetrated by False Love (different than hate). Hate is not your enemy, as it has already defined itself of what it is. False Love, the one in disguise, is the enemy of the world. The truth has it’s own power, whether it’s coming out of the mouth of god or the devil.