It can’t be that…

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The Chinese Master Lau Dse once wrote: „writing blunts! It would be much better if people should start making connections again”. Certainly Lau Dse did not want people to remain uneducated, but at that time he already realized that an education which only considers the sensuously perceptible and physical-chemical level, gets stuck at its limits, and absolutly does not lead to its initial goal.

Indeed, today it seems that Science and education are drawn in a flood of information which is sometimes useful, but most of the time completely useless. The best example is the internet. If someone asks the question “what keeps the world internally together” (Faust), even the most renown specialists are not able to provide an answer. Lots of theories, yes indeed, but even the most educated layman looses very quickly his interest…

It certainly can’t be that…! Truth is always simple and clear! Science has completely lost any form of ingenious simplicity and comprehensibility.

Despite models with 21 dimensions and super-luminal tunnelling, science is not able to lay the right connections. In other words: science can’t connect the right space information with the correct time information. Neither the particle specialists in CERN and DESY, nor the astrophysicists in the management centre of the Hubble telescope haven’t the simplest clue of how to formulate a descent, simple and clear answer.

The task is difficult, but perhaps the scientific approach is wrong…The spatiotemporal level represents an extremely complex set of information in which the smallest changes can lead to important chain reactions…

Instead of cutting, grinding or chopping up a piece of Cake, in order to find the slightest particle or “building blocks”, as they call it, they probably would better start to develop a recipe and start backing!

The recipe development should excel in creativity and intuition. Of course not an easy task, because as long as science does not want to accept the Pribram theory which considers that the human brain is a high performance transformer for focussed coupling of information present in those immaterial levels, it will not work.

Willy De Maeyer


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