Is the CoRe system – Radionics ?

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Dear Kiran

When I have been working with my Radionic devices like Copen Mars, or Dittmers computerized software or the SE-5, I knew I had to use my concentration on what I was doing. This because Radionics is per definition “spirit healing with a device”. Which means, the device can be anything, is it not important what it is, even a piece of paper or a piece of stone or some electrical circuits with no function at all, BECAUSE the mind is doing the work. The mind of the practitioner is the important thing and the device is only for focusing the mind.

NOW my question: Is the Core a Radionics device ? Or has the Core nothing to do with Radionics ?  Do I have to focus my mind woking with Core or is Core doing the “mind work” for me ?

I learned Radionics some ten years ago at the
German Radionics School with Claudia Romanazzi  ( )

Ein Radioniker ist jemand, der gelernt hat, absichtsvoll so präzise zu denken, dass Energie diesem Denkprozess wirkungsvoll folgt.
Claudio Romanazzi MRadA

(A Radionics practitioner is somebody who has learned to think so precisely that Energy is following effectively the thought process

Claudio Romanazzi MRadA)

So in my understanding Radionics is   – like Romanazzi also says  –  healing with the mind using a device. The device is only there to help the mind focusing. The device does nothing itself.

Is this the same with the Core ?

I used the CodeCoder-Program from Mr.Dittmer  ( ), but to use with EAV-Testing, I had to focus my mind when using the program. Because the program itself did nothing, it was only a helper for the mind to concentrate, to focus.

Is my understand right, that Core is not a Radionics device in the sense above ?
Because it is based on the Global Scaling theory and is doing itself calculation ?

Maybe there is some more information about this ?

Thank you very much !

Health & Happiness,



Kiran’s comment :

I have coined the term “informational Medicine” for what we are doing. If you make a search for this term on Google you will find that 10 out of the first 20 pages listed are our sites. Now this term is copied by countless people with little variation. I have not seen anyone of them actually adding to the understanding of “Informational science” and most just continue to quote 100 years old quantum-experiments to get credibility. 300w" sizes="(max-width: 848px) 100vw, 848px" />

"informational medicine" on Google's first 2 pages


I advice my friends and distributors not to use the word Radionics anymore in the CoRe context for two main reasons:

First : The term of Radionics was invented at a time when Radio-technology was invented coupled with the widespread awe that this new medium instilled in the mind of people. Use of this name was the result of the mistaken believe that also phenomena observed in this context, to diagnose and treat things and people at a distance, were based on some kind of electromagnetic radiation.

As a consequence this let to the widespread idea that the radionic rates control some frequencies. This has been preached without much variation over the last almost 100 years and even for the latest German providers of radionic systems that now sell their devices under the heading  “information field” technology nothing has changed in the way it is being explained.

As an example of this “new wine in old cloth” an excerpt from a competitors catalog : “Unscreened noise signal are subject to influence of alien information sources such as radio programs and the distortion field of nearby electromagnetic appliances. The quality of contact with the information field is subsequently dramatically reduced. For this reason we use pure aluminum casing manufactured in a complex pressure casting. IT screens the individual components from each other as well as from external electromagnetic radiation.”

This is an example -par excellence- that shows you that the makers do not know what they are doing and still have to use the 100 year old explanatory models of radio-technology – and even have to point out the “complex pressure casting” of their box to impress technology believing minds.

They also say that “the noise-source that is the source of the data-signal has to be electromagnetically protected” to make interference less likely. This means that they probably believe themselves in these inappropriate ideas so much so that they went all the way to use an optical noise source that is naturally not influenced by electromagnetic fields.

However as I am showing in my seminars in dozens of examples, the phenomena that the early radionic practitioners re-discovered are not of an electromagnetic nature they just happened to re-find the in the context of electromagnetic devices and ideas.

Radionic phenomena work at a distance without time delay or distance dependence and as such cannot be energy effects – as the very basis of the definition of energy is that of the first law of Physics “The conservation law”. Those people who insist that it is an energy, however unknown, are like people who feel that there is prove to say that “animals are humans” – just a new kind of humans. What hardly anyone realizes that the concept of “Energy” is exclusively a definition and all the great laws that were found in relation to Energy are exclusively linked to this definition.

This indiscriminate mixing of the idea of energy and information, that has now become so widespread, makes it impossible for most to get a fresh point of view and they will fall back on conclusions that are correct for energy but are not for this new phenomenon of “information without energy”. Consequently they find many naïve believers that subscribe to the idea that their system is better for example because it is protected from the disturbing influence of other electromagnetic appliances (see above).

Likewise if you believe it is a phenomenon analog to any other electromagnetic communication you will have to conclude that you will get better results if your signal is as coherent as possible and use only a single frequency.

Just looking at the frequency spectrum of a simple conversation like here : 300w" sizes="(max-width: 633px) 100vw, 633px" />

should however instruct you that all communication that needs to transfer complex information works with a broad spectrum of frequencies and always works or even requires the context of noise. That is, looking at more advanced forms of energy physics, would instruct otherwise not to mention the whole new science of Information that in many ways is proving concepts that are orthogonal to those of energy.

Secondly there is the other side of the political spectrum to which apparently Ramanazzi belongs when he says :

A Radionics practitioner is somebody who has learned to think so precisely that Energy is following effectively the thought process

Claudio Romanazzi MRadA

This is a again the other side of the US american virus – either it is technology that does it or DO IT YOURSELF – even diagnosis and healing at a distance.

For me this is like someone saying who is driving a car “The Car is nothing – if I would not be in the driver seat – this thing would go nowhere – in fact it is only a tool that helps to realize where my thoughts want me to go”


If you belong to the one party that holds that it is all a “quantum-dynamic” or “non-linear” or “subspace” effect and you are just the operator or if you hold the other extreme “The device is only there to help the mind focusing.” – you both do not have a DLE relationship to the issue that only comes after not taking one-self or the physical world anymore for so exclusive and a new form of synthesis is possible where both the mind, soul, spirit and the physical and energetic technology have their own rules and can work together to achieve a certain result or be an obstacle to each other – the better the one who uses and the one who creates them has an understanding of these laws.

So in short “The CoRe system is more then a system to focus the mind – it is the next step of technology assisted body-mind-spirit communication”



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