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Side-effects of Interference


– the concept of INTERFERENCE is together with DLE the CORE or the new science of Informational Medicine.

I have been waiting to elaborate on this concept until I had made enough practical studies and had the time to integrate it in the upcoming new CoRe version 6.

Even if you do not own the CoRe system, to understand the implications of this concept will be of   practical value for you practice and for your personal life.

The concept of DLE (Dynamic Labile Equilibrium) was  explained in some of its countless forms over the last 2 years In short it is the concept of health in which not stability or balance is the ideal but a dynamically labile or meta-stabile state, that means an agitated state similar to that of a Laser, which has Equi-librium, which means “many degrees of freedom” . I explained for example that aging is the result of loosing more and more degrees of freedom, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and of course also physically. The end result of is similar to that of a frozen computer, which repeats the same routines over and over again and thus is not responsive anymore to its environment.

I have already started to explain that the Remedy that works in many cases is the RESET and have given some examples that will be extended particularly in a RESET module for CoRe.

However RESET is sometimes too abrupt and not always indicated, in cases which call for a more gradual approach which I call  INTERFERENCE therapy.

All of us know many instances where we have certain preferences but in every-day-life things happen not accordingly – this always is based on Interference, for example

– we want to be somewhere but we stand waiting in a traffic jam

– we wanted to buy something but we have to witness how someone takes the last one out of the shelf

– we expected one thing and got something else

– and and and

The reason why interference is possible and also common is because our world is created (at least the physical, energetic and informational part) as duality or actually a multidimensionality of  contradicting interests, personalities, tendencies,  likes, motivations, possibilities…..

There are the archetypal polarities of man/woman, consciousness/unconsciousness, active/passive, positive/negative, cat-lover/dog-lover, vegetarian/non-vegetarian, conservative/liberal……

Live is about making choices with respect to these dimensions of existence – those who believe that they have gone beyond duality by living in a monastery or by becoming gay or “I dont care” or “I am pure non-judgmental awareness” usually do not see that they have made some definite choices – so strict that they are unaware of other possibilities.

This always happens with age – people get rigid and too definite in respect to what they like and dislike – so dogmatic that eventually they either get sick or have to die in order to be reset again.

Culturally we have been programed to believe it is healthy and a sign of maturity that we are more decided and definite in what we like and dislike, approve and dis-approve, believe and not-believe and are not as influence-able as children. Little do we understand that this is a sign of aging and crystallization instead which eventually has to be corrected by disease or loss or even reset by death.

The oder we get, individually and as a culture, we focus and depend on security, certainty and reproducibility and our every day live is representing this focus in more and more habits and pattern in our lives. The more we age we unconsciously attempt to eliminate possible interferences from our lives, we create informational mono-cultures around us that do not make us doubt or question our choices.

Informationally CoRe evaluation shows resonant possibilities of choice – that are particularly if they come up negative often unexpected or even un-desired, but resonant which means they offer real possibilities for change to break out of the informational prison that we have created for ourselves by too much emphasis on repetition, pattern, security.

Also there is another key concept of informational modalities which is COHERENCE which is the force and tendency that drives us to imitate modes of behavior all around us and to synchronize with it – this happens also on an energetic and chemical level.


Energetically the danger of coherence is not understood and actually often believed to have healing effects and then called “entrainment”

as for example here :


With CoRe we go very different ways with our new Dual channel  technology and DLE / Interference philosophy to back it up – more about this next time


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