Interference – the challenge to grow


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I was taking a day off – and having some fun with graphics – and to send the following message to some friends

– the logo I  created is really about the essence of what we do with CoRe

Disease is when we clash with some obstacle and modern medicine is always about getting the obstacle out of the way, be it viruses, toxins, some cancer cells, a blocked artery, some allergens……

Or if they conclude it is “just” the mind, that is to blame – then of course they send you to the psychologist – and there we are confronted with yet another list of things to blame for your situation – childhood, an accident trauma, a past life, the parents, the culture and and and….

However the real and ultimate answer, true healing, is what all spiritual traditions teach – to learn to live with obstacles and not to bump into one or the other all the time – with the consequent bruises that show as all kind of physiological or psychological symptoms.

To symbolize this challenge and a beautiful solution I created an animated logo where two objects always move in perpendicular directions and would need to collide at every turn – but they don’t – which is the magic – they just pass through each other as if nothing ever came into their way…

Download the Screensaver

This is our destination – however don’t think there ever will be a time when there is only – smiles and “take it easy” – “you are right and we are all right” – and other new age talk of this kind – in fact the more you evolve the more sharp the edges and the more orthogonal are the polarities. However something makes the impossible possible – to take more and more polarities – more and more Interference – to a degree that eventually it does not matter anymore where you turn – there are thorns where-ever you step – but something is lifting you ever so gently – just enough that you can continue.

I see it as my mission and vision to show that DLE is the state to aim for – the impossible and ultimate that we never quite reach but that can become as Shakespeare puts it

an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.

and that it is interference both psychologically and physiologically that has the power to bring us closer to it – if we learn to have a new relationship to it and use it in a way different then what we have learned in our culture

This is the teaching of the 21st century in medicine and spiritual life – a way that does not promise easy solutions but a way that allows real change
thank you for being with me on this path

Kiran Schmidt


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Inergetix, Inc. founder and chief scientist.


  1. Dear kiran

    this is the symbol I created for QuadTrinity here in Caldas… For me it represents my approach to change a person’s life and how to create DLE for them… It Represents how I try to help everyone to make them to brake their Cycles and create new ones… make them get out of stagnation confort and security and really open their eyes to a new reality and new sensations feelings tastes…  I try to make it ever changing without loosing the sense of what it is…

    When You show me this… I told you by e mail I would show you what I’ve done… it is different but the information and intention is the same… New beginnings new life New cycle… changing always without loosing identity… creating interference to create DLE and make a new cycle… leaving disease behind and starting over again…

    hope you like it… I’m sorry for the video quality…

    I’m very happy and proud for going this way with you  and every day I have more good news…

    I’ll share a case… a girl age 21 tried to  commit suicide 3 times in two weeks… She was the worst case of depression I ever seen… in two weeks (two treatments) she started to show some life… two weeks later (more two treatments) she changed her life completely… she moved out, to a new town 80km away, found a new job in 1 day and she never felt better… she even stopped her medication after the third treatment…

    With CoRe everything is possible and we, as therapists,  don’t change the patients life but create interference and DLE in their life to give them the push they need to go into a new cycle…

    This is how I feel with CoRe and how I’ve always lived my life… So thank you Kiran for this and let us keep changing the World and creating chances for Impossible to be Possible, to a Dream becoming Reality