Informational Buffer


Here are the traditional interpretations of this the “buffer”

buffer for railway carriages, chemical reactions or data but certainly there are buffers in every kind of science only with different names, in Electric engineering for example the same phenomena is called “Capacitance”

What is  missing is the “informational buffer” This concept will take a major place in the new science of information in general and informational medicine in particular, I would even go so far to say it is the main reason for most informational disease.

A buffer is something that lies between antagonistic/ polar forces/ states of  a process, that creates stability  inhibits or softens conflict here are some buffer types :

1. building a barrier/ isolator

2. creating a neutralizing reaction

3. spreading out the impact in time, insurance

4. storing controversial elements

5. intermediate storage for later processing

I am observing in so many evaluations with the CoRe system that the top results always point to the main conflict.

This can be emotional, life-situation, mental, spiritual but of course also organically and biochemically.

Often the main results contain the BUFFER or a link to the buffer which means the mechanism that allows

that these 2 polar tendencies co-exist without creating an explosion/ suicide/ nervous breakdown/ heart attack.

How often have you searched for the cause  that keeps the status quo ? How often have you realized that it is the padding/ buffer that exists around the issue that makes healing difficult ? How often have you or your therapy actually created a new buffer or added to the existing one ?

Common mental buffer attitudes that are considered completely appropriate or at least harmless, which are buffers of the Type 1 :

1. Its not so bad it could have come much worse

2. I am capable to deal with this myself, I do not need help

3. Its OK as long as others dont know about it

4. This will not happen again

you isolate the event/ emotion/ experience from a larger context and make yourself believe that you can limit the consequences by seeing them as rare/ unlikely-to-repeat and that you can or better learn to control ….. this is the main driving force to limit the forces of nature externally but it is the same drive that builds the foundation of all cultures to limit controversial forces between individuals as well as tendencies within each individual as well

example of a type 1 buffer 300w" sizes="(max-width: 594px) 100vw, 594px" />

Then there is the  Type 2 buffer the neutralizing type :

the spreading-out-in-time type

– when we talk without end about a problem we eventually feel a relieve  because the energy in this conflict is disbursed in time

– by just doing as if nothing has happened we carry on and all what we do is tainted by the un-realized DLE

The intermediate storage buffer :

For example our Desktop is misused by every company to store their icon an put it right in front of our face – who ever considered the possibility that this  particular informational overload could make us sick ? 300w" sizes="(max-width: 542px) 100vw, 542px" />

... a hand program in case you still have some desktop space unused

but not enough in america there is the note-sticker sickness notes are sticking everywhere on or around the entrance, the desk, the computer screen, the refrigerator 247w" sizes="(max-width: 499px) 100vw, 499px" />

and nobody even considers that this could make us sick… or have you ever heard of the sticker-madness or of food in your fridge having the taste of too many nonsense-stickers or yet-to-do stickers ?

…… to be continued and to be added  as a CoRe module…. please add your examples, questions, comments


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Inergetix, Inc. founder and chief scientist.


  1. When will the world wake up? Especially the health authorities and the WHO. The campaign with obligatory “hints” on the cigarette boxes are the best example of “programming” with information. This one with a picture of an obviously youngish person in a mortuary and the warning “If you smoke you die earlier” is criminal! No more no less! (Don’t worry Kiran, I’m not vunerable to this sort of thing and I’m not planning to give up smoking).

    We have an other example here in Switzerland. The authorities have been campaigning for some time to stop fast driving. Especially with young unexperienced people. On the one hand we have a a lot of unemployment especially in the younger generation who see no chances in their future. Their life is unstable, unsure and insecure and as we all know humans (unless then know Inergetix CoRe and DLE) strive to obtain stability in their lives. The most stable situation imaginable is of course being dead. The authorities here line the roads with large posters with “Schnell, schneller, TOD” (Fast, faster, DEAD) and wonder why fast driving is still on the increase!

    Kiran’s Comment :

    Thank you David…. I agree with everything… only one general illusion I cannot confirm “That you are not vulnerable to this sort of thing” …. everybody believes to be an exception and to be able by pure determination to escape the general programming. Do you dont check your speed when you see a police car ? or or or

    We have to put effort and time into re-programing us with CoRe or EMDR or if you do not have time for that at least get the Cigarette condoms

  2. Kirin, I think what you’re talking about is a combination of, “self-justification,” that protects the ” secondary gain” of being stuck. As they say down south, “Youse rationalizing.” Gotta pry loose that secondary gain in order to allow for choice and change to creep in.

    Kiran’s comment

    Yes “self-justification” is one out of 1000 possible informational buffers
    but by just replacing it with one example that you have as a synonym you miss the new information….. as I wanted to show the larger context and that you see that sleeping pills, anti-histamins, anti-biotics are informational buffers just like “Yes I already know” attitudes

  3. Yes, the bigger picture contains sleeping pills anti-depressants etc.. Many of these buffers are a protection for dealing with secondary gain of, “not taking responsibility for your life,” syndrome. Most people don’t understand the true meaning of,”responsibility.” All it means is the “ability to respond”—-appropriately, nothing more nothing less. The big problem is either they don’t know how or they lack motivation.  Those of us who have psycho-therapeutic training can get at it at the deepest level whereas EMDR has its limitations. Conversely, the CoRe system if properly applied can provide the motivational shift to allow for therapy to begin. Interesting what percentage of CoRe users have the above mentioned training.

    Kiran’s comment:

    “The big problem of most therapists” that they do not know … but think their training allows them to jump to conclusions….. LIKE “of course taking sleeping pills” means that “They are unwilling to take responsibility”…. much of CoRe training is about unlearning all the other schools teaching that all have quick and generalizing answers to everything….. left brain … is also in alternative schools the ruling faculty