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In my New Year’s Question I asked “What is Information” and the answer you see here:

But before going into this new understanding I want to talk about 3 main aberrations that are not considered unhealthy in our culture:

A: We think it is important to only give positive affirmations when somebody needs help or is sick, of the kind “Don’t worry this wont be so bad”….”This is certainly for a good purpose” ….or even “In fact you are not sick, everything is good”. On the other hand we think we can take in every day our 1 hour of daily news that is only about death, war, catastrophes, corruption, political absurdities, economic disasters and it will not affect our health and well-being because it is “ONLY INFORMATION” and we can choose what we want to take in.(Has anyone ever been diagnosed with a CNN trauma or a stock-marked-syndrome ?)— what a contradiction — and the fact that none of these posts that are usually positive and constructive gets any comment but the one about the 4.0 shut-down got already 3 shows that we are trained to become stimulus-response mechanisms that have an almost exclusive attention to negative news and consider only those worth our time to notice and respond.

B: The average person is certainly as ignorant, un-creative, adapted as 500 years ago but what even the most simple man today assumes as his basic right, which was not there 500 years ago,  “HIS FREEDOM OF CHOICE”. Of course he does not realize that this very idea is only programmed in his mind that he is a more adapted consumer. He has the freedom of choice to decide if he wants to eat at Burger King or at McDonald or if he wants to see CNN news or Big Brother. This brain-corruption is not coming from a secret brotherhood that wants to keep us slaves but is our contemporary expression of an undeveloped informational and spiritual culture. Paradoxically the country that made the “freedom of choice” idea so popular, the USA, is itself the one which is the most limited in respect of choice. Every American city consist of the same McDonalds, Starbucks, Bed&Bath, HomeDepot, Barnes & Nobel, and Microsoft brought this Monoculture to every corner of the world. CoRe is about showing you options that are not tainted by some healing philosophy or healing fashion…. And that is why its results are often so shocking, healing and the way out.

C: A key focus in education today is ability for “RIGHT SPELLING” and “RIGHT GRAMMAR” and nobody ever questioned if this over-focus is not detrimental to some aspect of our health. I had several e-mail exchanges with my dear and valued sales-manager Sonia like the following : On 1/8/10, Sonia – Inergetix, Inc. <> wrote

Dear Kiran,

Can I edit the English of your emotional archetypal groups?  It shouldn’t  take too long.  Some are hard to understand


Sonia Jaramillo, CBBT

Inergetix Consultant – Sales Manager

And my response to this and I guess it is about the 5th :

NO please dont contact me anymore about grammar or spelling
these groups having a grammar that is synthetic
so it will not fit for every object, the textbook version.

You see I dont have a problem with this and many users dont
have a problem —- are we a bit more stupid ? no I tell you we are more healthy because we can get the content although it is not formulated as in the last dictionary…. this is informational health that our culture has unlearned us…. computers only understand something
if the spelling is 100 % correct

One reason why I am so strong about this point is that I know that this over-focus on right spelling as many other things in our culture re-enforces this left-brain over-emphasis that makes us un-creative and even more importantly hinders the DLE between our right and left hemisphere and that way turns us more and more into autistic or attention deficit candidates AND it disconnects us from the informational matrix.

In comparison I was considered highly dyslexic, John of God cannot Read or Write and if you see the 2000 pages by Michael Lincoln you will be surprised about the hundreds of new words that he just invented…. As Shakespeare invented 13 thousand English words and Goethe about half of the current German language…. Good there was nobody at that time who had a concept of Dyslexia .

I could continue but please understand that our concept and relationship to information needs a lot of correction to get a new understanding of Informational Medicine.


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  1. healthy turtle on

    Totally agree with you. The biggest obstical to getting something new is the way our mind always grabs hold of it, trying to make it fit ino the old model so we feel comfortable and know. And one of the ways aroud this is to use the language in a different way so we have to question and be open again.
    Lucky my key board does not always work exactly as it should.