Information awareness

Information awareness: Your most important challenge for 2010!
Humanity has had an instinctive understanding of the powers that move in the physical world.  This instinctive understanding recognizes the
shape of these powers, and in the mind’s eye symbols take shape as representatives of some of the basic, elementary powers of creation, all
based on information.

What is the key to this unbounded information awareness with the universe? How does everything we know fit together? Why can’t we see and understand and value these informational dimensions?

An interesting way of looking at information field is given by Richard
Feynman. Imagine, he says, an electron moving in a particular direction.
Its progress cannot be measured in any way (say, by a photon) without
greatly disturbing it and the path of the electron is best conceived of as
appearing at a definite place at one instance, disappearing, and instantly
reappearing at another specific place.
What we conceive of as a smoothly unfolding reality, as previously described by classical physics, can only exist as a huge stack of
discontinuous "stationary states" -- of electrons, photons, protons or what you have -- that is produced, or directed, by a deep field of
This is the fundamental postulate of quantum physics as laid down by Bohr in 1913. In anthropomorphic terms, this deep field obviously 'knows'
 what has been going on previously in the superficial world in which we live.

Information does play an active role, and is much more than just a communication between various partners. Let’s take the example of “vision”: our vision is not a passive gathering of information but prehensile, a purposeful activity of information throughout the entire visual system from the muscles around the eyes to the cortex itself. Also our immune system, which could be considered as an activity of information that constantly scans the environment. As an active pattern recognition system it is perhaps as complex as the brain itself.

Human beings possess a whole range of dormant powers such as inspiration, clairaudience, clairvoyance, psychometrics, precognition, and telepathy, but which we have gradually lost because some institutions made us believe that we no longer needed them, and imposed us a way of mechanical thinking.

Our body is much more than just an envelope. It is an indispensable tool which permits to establish a fantastic dialogue between our consciousness, earth, cosmos and last but not least, the information fields.  It is the ideal antenna that enables us to remain grounded, and be part of our earth, which is the present dimension we live in (and which we have to accept in order to cope with).

Science means questioning basic assumptions or altering one’s view of the world in the light of new findings. A good many of the existing theories are certainly valid because they work so well and have stood the test of time. Maybe it is not so obvious, but the major revolutions in nuclear physics, astronomy, cosmology and human behaviour are happening right now, resulting in an extraordinary increase in knowledge of our physical universe. In this book, we try to raise some scientific findings, with profound implications for physics but also for philosophy and mankind.

Clairvoyance of some human beings (and animals) could be explained by the fact that our universe is multi-dimensional and that it is possible that a substantial part of it exists in higher dimensional information fields. An interesting aspect of higher dimensional information could be that a being residing in it will be able to predict events of our four dimensional world since he or she will have a better view on the situation, but contacting the information dimensions.

The practical key to entering these information dimensions is working with the CoRe system… If you haven’t done it yet, this could probably become your most important challenge for 2010. Happy New Year!

Willy De Maeyer

Kiran’s comment :

With our new understanding I would only want to modify Niel  Bohr’s statement : ” This deep field obviously ‘knows’

 what has been going on previously in the superficial world" into
"The informational matrix is the software/ program that contains all qualities/ relations of the physical and energetic world both
past and future" & "through DLE we are able to read it and through consciousness (attempts for ONENESS) we are able to modify it"

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