Inergetix Training in Melbourne with Katherine, April 1-3, 2011


Kiran’s comment :

Please have a look at the Inergetix CoRe customization technique

so you can see  – why Katherine is the best trainer – because most practice oriented – currently for

CoRe application in the medical field – maybe a good reason for you to visit beautiful Australia as I do every year

Here is what Katherine has to offer :

Hi Everyone

Many of our CoRe users from all over the world have asked us to present more training workshops, we have two planned for 2011 in Australia with more dates to follow.

The first one for the year is 1st 2nd 3rd April, the second one is in October both of these workshops are to be held in Australia.

Our overseas workshops and dates will be announced at a later time.

Due to the success of the workshop last October and the constant requests for training we will also be availing ourselves to online personal training for CoRe users by request, so please contact us by email and we can set up appropriate times for you.

Our training is aimed at the lay person that wants to use the system for personal use and also the person that wants to become a practitioner or is already a practitioner and would like to include CoRe as a modality into their practice.

Below is an outline of what we will cover in our training in April, also we have included some Power Point screens for you to look at from the course.

Training in Melbourne with Katherine

April 1st 2nd 3rd 2011


All that is new in CORE 6

Day one is for very new users with step by step instructions and time for you to practise each step from loading new clients to completing an evaluation, setting communications and running reports. You will know how to find CORE on your computer, how to backup and restore, how to repair your software, uninstall and reinstall your software. Where to find software updates, how to download and update your system.

Day’s two and three

Review of day one.

Examples using all Client types, locators, loading notes,

Re – evaluating reports, deleting resonances or reports and adding further resonances.

How auto communication works (being mindful that CORE is a work in progress and that things may change), and how periodic communication works. Reviewing what communications are running and deleting those that have been completed.

Creating beautiful images for a new screen, how to put notes on it. Then creation of new screens, groups, and resonances. Adding groups to other screens. Creating a screen of your favourite groups.

Finding your way around the database.

Import of excel and cdf files and export of cdf files.

Building groups in excel. Advantages of using copy, paste, concatenate.

Converting and loading disease specific frequencies for informational communication (advanced – must have a good working knowledge of excel to attempt this).

Using [ ] in a group name and its advantages. (see presentation below)

Backup of resonances that you have created.

Examples of protocols that you can follow as you build you confidence to then create your own.

Examples using Biofeedback, Resonant Frequencies, Disease Specific Frequencies with attachments and informationally, Organ Balancing

Using EMDR, customising and creating photos that use the full screen.

HARDWARE: demonstration of all attachments, safety requirements and precautions.

Practitioner Tips throughout the day on what has worked for myself and others.

Inergetix CoRe customization technique using brackets

Inergetix Workshop


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