In order to learn one has to be a teacher

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To summarize : the Core  of CoRe philosophy is as follows :

Health, Life, Happiness, spiritual evolution, practical evolution on the level of individuals, organizations, nations is only possible if all possible polarities are allowed to exist and are in fact lived/ realized/ practiced/ felt.

Not every individual, organization, nation has to live all the polarities to equal degree, there is no universal or healthy balance ratio, all ratios are possible and what is a healthy ratio for the individual depends on his constitution.

Disease, death, depression, decay starts when there is a stagnation developing that prefers/ promotes/ protects/ justifies one polarity more than it is appropriate for the individuals constitution.

To be in a state where all the polarities are possible with the probability that is constitutional for the particular  individual means to be in a Dynamic Labile Equilibrium DLE.

CoRe is the tool to find the polarities that are resonant for the individual.

Practical consequences :

1. Healthy balance of polarities does not mean 50/50 – as you could imagine from looking at for example the YIN-Yang symbol – balance is always individual

2. DLE between the polarities is not what we learn AND it generally feels uncomfortable and is avoided to a degree that one polarity eventually suffers and atrophies – when disease starts.

3. There is not one ratio for an individual at all times – this constitutional ratio is a function of environment and time

This is the theory, I will continue to give you practical examples and hope you will contribute your examples for example on :

1. The concept of “healthy” ranges for lab-results is not correct from this point of view

2. A culture has established proper ratios for the different polarities – and is sanctioning actions that  lie outside the ratios that are accepted in this culture

3. left brain versus right brain

4. male versus female

5. precise versus approximate

6. hard versus soft

7. spiritual versus physical

8. high blood pressure versus low blood pressure

9. times of fast breath versus times of slow breath

10. Coherent versus in-Coherent

11. Adaptive versus reflective

and hundreds more —- start seeing your own examples

I want to start with something that appeared to me as practical this morning :

This Forum has about one thousands readers a day but strangely it has only about 3 comments or post per month (Katherine, Willy and Gabriele being the exception). This makes me feel that it might not be a healthy proportion or at least that I have to see why this forum has a constitution that is so different then that of other chat rooms.

The absence of comments or posts on this forum might be exceptional in the current internet culture but actually be a sign of good health.

However just as in your consultation room – do not assume certain common ratios to be the standard for health e.g. 3-5 servings of  meat per week of meat is healthy everything more or less is unhealthy or 2-4 amalgam fillings are tolerable but more is very likely the cause for trouble and and and

So what we look at in this context is the ratio of reading versus contributing or in other words learning versus teaching. In my seminars I also see that during my presentation there is silence and questions come, if at all, only in the breaks when I want to drink a coffee.

Looking at our dysfunctional educational system you can easily see where this comes from – in the class room we are supposed to be students and not to interrupt or challenge the teacher with questions – also in this way the teacher stops learning as he is not receiving much input himself.

However in order to understand one has to be a teacher and a student.

For example one has to teach what one has learned to others while one is still learning, or one has to apply practically what one has learned while one is still learning or one has to contribute what examples in respect to what one is learning.

You can see in this example of the Learner/Teacher ratio that there should never be a time where one considers oneself exclusively a learner or a teacher – if this is the case it is not a healthy situation (so to me most new age Gurus are not in a healthy position – but just following the age of peaces common standard)

To get out of this stagnant – only one is teaching everyone else is listening – needs for the teacher to allow contributions even if they sometimes do not fit into his plan and for those predominantly learning to contribute and that way to get vulnerable and part of the focus of attention.

To make a long story short :

In 2011 please contribute more posts, comments, questions


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    Hello Kiran.

    You’ve been asking for comments for quite some time and no one seems to want to answer.  Well, here goes (I will be jumping around a bit).

    I read and don’t comment for several reasons.  Some of your posts I just don’t understand.  If I can’t associate your comments with some ideas I’ve already learned, your comments remain isolated, like an island.  I don’t even understand enough to ask a question.  I know people’s brains work in different ways so this is not a comment on your style.  I’ve only learned one language, you’ve mastered several.  I’ve tried to learn to speak other languages but haven’t succeeded.  So in respect to language, our brains work differently.

    Many of your posts are very thought provoking and thinking about them is what I like to do.  I don’t always have instant reactions because I am trying to look at the subject from your point of view.  Then time passes, I’m busy, I don’t take the time to respond.

    I like your comment about the teacher/student association being a two-way street.  Teaching and learning is more fun when it is interacting.  20 years ago I used to give local talks about Herbs and Health (20 years ago no one knew anything about herbs around here).  I always got more out of these sessions when the audience participated .  After 5 minutes into my talk, if no one was raising their hand, I would ask someone in the audience why they were here (to hear this talk about herbs).  That always seemed to get everyone into the “act,” and my talks soon became very popular.  What I got out of this was that everyone seemed to have a Granny,  or Uncle, or old Indian friend who had an herbal remedy.  I’ll never forget this older woman who said she was raised by her Granny who was the local midwife in her small Mississippi town.  When young, she had pneumonia and her Granny made her a cup of tea, which she drank, and which she said was delicious.  She wanted more but her Granny wouldn’t let her have more.  She felt so much better after the tea that she went into the kitchen and found the herbs, still wrapped in cheesecloth, in the kitchen sink.  When she opened the cloth she found cow dung.  I’ve always remembered that cow dung tea will help break up congestion in pneumonia.

    And now, a different subject.  I would like to hear other input on “Lab Results.”  It seems like lab results are compared to other sick people, not healthy people so how can they establish a “normal” range.  Plus a lab test, such as a blood test, is only a snapshot of your body at one particular moment in time; and your body certainly doesn’t stay immobile so it’s always changing.  Are lab tests overused?  Probably.  I do know that doctors associated with a hospital are given quotas to fill for lab tests for the hospital’s lab.  It makes sense, also, that doctors who have a financial interest in a lab are going to order more lab tests.  What do you think?

    See?  I’ve already  spent more time on this reply than I planned.  But, there’s hope.  If I promise to reply twice a year, and everyone else promises to reply twice a year, we can handle it.  How about it?


    Mickey Ann Thienes



    Kiran’s comment:
    Dear Mickey – they idea that “IF” everyone contributed 2 posts or comment a year this forum would be very active – as all this kind of thinking just gives you a good feeling that you have done your part as you think or are told – eventually the world will work like a miracle clockwork – everyone just does equal parts of everything and then there is no shortage anymore of anything AND then it will be finally healthy

    But it has always been the reason and the incentive for some few people to do exceedingly more then the rest – and this way – you know why this polarity or difference in activity, commitment and appreciation exists in every field of life – NOT BECAUSE IT EVENTUALLY WILL CHANGE when everyone does parts equally (thats what you learn from your parents) but these countless shortages will always exist to create the polarity/ potential/ interference for a few to go further and become more

    This “AVERAGE IS GOOD” idea is also behind the LAB-testing it is based on the faulty concept that more or less “ALL ARE THE SAME” because more or less we all run by the US American virus

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      Dear Kiran:

      Establishing 2 posts a year as a commitment from readers of this forum is a starting point and I agree with you  that some will do more and some less.  The key word is starting point.  If you don’t take the first step you never go on the journey and I think the journey in this case is the exchange of ideas and knowledge among all the CoRe users.  I, too, would like to see that exchange of ideas.  I’m actually trying to  help with a starting point that people can manage.

      I’ve already posted twice.  Am I going to stay quiet the rest of the year?  Probably not.  Anyone else out there willing to jump in?



      Kiran’s comment :
      Dear Mickey don’t take it wrongly – I know my replies are sometimes so much to the point that it is painful – but once you get over the initial aggravation you will be better then before

      Maybe because of this fear – also so few actually put the head out and make a comment or post – on other chat groups anyway posts because nobody really thinks before replying so it does not matter what you say and just like at most gatherings – everybody talks and nobody listens

      But this is about teaching a lesson that I had to pay for with a near death experience and much more – so just take these little pains and do not shrink – if you say you might make 2 posts a year this is information-ally worse then saying nothing and it is not a good start – because it just gives you the feeling you have done anything – and this is how our lives pass – WITH HUNDREDS OF GOOD STARTS that are not followed up

      Just like going to get a lab-check twice a year and hoping the nonsense that you are reading there will not affect you because you do not give much credit to conventional medicine anyway

      • on

        Dear Kiran:

        I am trying to understand your message but I am limited by my subjective experience.  I see the point about 2 posts a year being a nothingness.  I don’t see what I should be doing or thinking instead.  As a student, I am relying on you the teacher to point me to another path.  I can’t see what that path is so could you explain it in a different way?


        Dear Mickey

        this is exactly the reason that people have to make posts and comments – not to get more SELF-CERTAINTY but to become more questioning – which is more DLE – but you brought up a large topic and I will make a post about this next time

  2. Thank you, Kiran, for the opportunity to contribute own experiences and maybe post questions which will – once answered – allow for additional knowledge and understanding. Informational medicine is at least both awesome and still in its starting position. I’m curious what 2011 will provide for in terms of deep insight in general scientific and philosophical context.

    All the best


    Kiran’s comment :
    Thank you Folker – Yes it needs additional knowledge and understanding – but it needs a reader to find for himself what is still missing in his knowledge and understanding – otherwise the writer has to find out himself – or guess – and that is usually the problem of our schooling system – the students give up to ask questions and the teacher make themselves believe – all is understood – not realizing mostly that they themselves are missing key points of “Knowledge and understanding”