In love with the CoRe system


Progress is a law of nature. At the same time as living beings progress morally, so the worlds in which they live progress materially. Mankind however has been sufficiently ingenious as to paint the torments of hell, but could never imagine the glories of Heaven (one of course cannot speak of that which is unknown). Through spiritual progress instincts become sentiments which are more or less elevated.

The CoRe Inergetix system is the most convenient way to better understand and implement such progress, especially on the spiritual level.

The CoRe system is not an ordinary radionic instrument. It is not a system which is used as a gadget and afterwards to be put in a drawer and then forgotten. It is a system designed for daily use, for moments of trouble, doubt and problem solving. In other words, when we feel in need of orientation, guidance and progress, for us and the others, CoRe is an instrument to be constantly on hand, to take with us in our hand-luggage when we travel. In other words the CoRe system is offering something very special to each person or organisations that study and work with it.

CoRe brings us rational and logical explanations of difficult matters and takes away many disharmonies that exist in this world.

By using CoRe one can study  the interrelationship between the two worlds, visible and invisible; the scientific, philosophical and religious aspects of existence; to accept responsibility for the life we are making for ourselves and others, in the future…

Willy De Maeyer


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