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Dear Kiran,

I think it is about time now to do something that was due a long time ago: to say “thank you” for the incredible CoRe device. I am more than just happy and grateful that CoRe exists. I am convinced that without CoRe I would be in a wheelchair today.

Here is the story:

In June of 2006 my grandkids and I went swimming in an excavated lake.  When I got home that evening I had a big mosquito bite on the back of my thigh which was itching terribly. (One could almost say that it was the first mosquito bite in my life, but may be it was a sand flea.) I immediately made some Ledum for myself with CoRe.  The itching stopped and I forgot about the whole matter very quickly.

The next day I didn’t feel well at all, and I felt even worse the following day.  On the third day my legs failed, my head felt as if my brain consisted of jelly and the voices of others seemed to come through a veil.

Then I saw the typical erythema migrans on my thigh (as I said, three days after the bite) and then I understood!  I made the borrelia nosode with the CoRe and five minutes later I felt well.  However, the erythema migrans spread anyway, and on the following days I had strong pain in the sternum and several other typical symptoms which, thanks to CoRe (only homeopathy!!), always subsided.

The worst was a strong pain in the bones of the lower legs and electrical shocks throughout the entire body.  After some time I wasn’t sure about which filters of the CoRe to use (especially because I wasn’t clear whether it had been a tick or a mosquito, but later I learned that ticks inject an anesthetic to prevent itching) and therefore I used the Auto Indicator on the 4.0 CoRe.

Praise to the Auto Indicator!!!  It showed a homeopathic remedy (Conium) which was not listed in the numerous literature about borreliosis that I had studied in the meantime.  Because I am a strong believer in the results delivered by CoRe and because this remedy contained in the description myelitis, inflammation of the terminal nerve plates, paralysis spreading from the lower legs upwards, I informed it for myself as C200 (in household sugar) and took it as soon as a new attack occurred.  The effect was immediate!!

After some time I had to repeat this remedy.  However, it took longer and longer before there was an effect and eventually it ceased to work so that I also needed other remedies.  By now I have been free of symptoms for a whole year!

However, there is another interesting observation: every now and again the CoRe indicated “botulinum” which I didn’t understand at all, or better, it confused me quite a bit and made me uncertain about which filter to use (botulinum pathogen or borreliosis?).  Later I read in a book by Peter Alex (about curing borreliosis with homeopathy) that an American microbiologist was able to isolate metabolites from borrelia in his research which are similar to botulinum toxins.  THIS IS CORE!

My remark that I would be in a wheelchair today (not mentioning the lapses of my thinking mechanism) was not made lightly.  Altogether the two years of borreliosis were a time that I would not have been able to manage without CoRe.  I can say that with conviction (and I forgot to mention that in an e-mail I wrote to David in a hurry) because my husband took me to a doctor four weeks after the symptoms started.  At that point I was not able to walk or think anymore and the doctor prescribed the usual treatment with antibiotics which was without any success whatsoever.  (CoRe was also very useful for me in draining the antibiotics.)

This is my contribution to the frequently asked question whether it is possible to treat oneself or family members with CoRe. This question is often answered with  “difficult, because…” and I personally find it unfortunate that CoRe therefore doesn’t get much attention for “private” use and is mostly considered to be a device for practitioners.

Kind Regards

Gabi Breme


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