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This is an ongoing attempt to explain to you, why many practitioners have consistently good results and others  are making mistakes because they try to make their clients “believe” .

Most of my seminars are about this topic, explaining how our cultural education has to be challenged to understand the ways CoRe and other informational tools work and to get better results with it.

Josef from Slovenia wrote this :

I understand that fate is very important in healing process too and I would like to convince my patients about what I’m doing with confidence and trust in myself and my work with CoRe analyzing (there are also situations when we can hit in “the issue” very accurately, some emotional frames of mind for example in emotion screens, but on the other hand for example I can’t see any correlations in some results of physical evaluations of patients bodies, because it seems so that Core is not able to provide/give reliable outputs in physical field (which could be demonstrated to patients also for purpose of gaining or enhancing their faith in what I’m doing) because there are no manifestations of such a conditions on physical field.


It is interesting that you made the spelling mistake instead of “Faith” you wrote “fate”.  And this is exactly the case because TURE HEALING HAS TO CHANGE THE FATE AND NOT THE FAITH of patients. Faith is what doctors try to create by having the appearance of authority, by having a stethoscope around their shoulder and it is this faith that lets people die if they get a negative prognosis from these man-in-white.

There are two types of FAITH : active Faith and passive Faith – the first is always a way into stagnation and eventually death whereas the second is a way towards health and spiritual connection.

Most of our culture tries to breed more and more PASSIVE-FAITH in us by faith in Technology and Authority and reliability of evaluations, protocols, formulas and most new age technology caters to this frame of mind and always quotes scientific terms like “Quantum and Hyperspace” to evoke a trust in something that is usually giving different results every time you press the button or has no therapeutic results what so ever.

Active-faith the faith that makes you work towards what you envision is much more rare, simply because it takes much more work and responsibility and it infinite in its possibilities but about this in another post

What Josef describes is a very common experience for people who start with CoRe or have never come to one of my seminars – they hope that CoRe can be a cheap replacement for Lab-testing, X-Ray or expensive Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

But CoRe is nothing of that kind – and none of the other similar devices that try to give that impression is that – and if you continue to present it as that to your clients you will not be sucessful and even possibly get you in legal trouble.

CoRe stands for “COincidence REcognition” it finds and works with Coincidental (which is similar) pattern of the disease that its Hologram generator is creating and connects them informationally to representative pattern of the client. That is the oldest form of healing that shamans always used to treat symbolic representations of the client or object. This found its renaissance in Radionics and the Hieronymous Machine that showed not even the tool that you treat with has to be a physical reality but can be exactly like Homeopathy -pure information- not even “structured water” is necessary. NOTE : THIS IS NOT BELIEVE HEALING – it is healing based on very well defined laws of Informational Medicine 300w" sizes="(max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px" />

Hieronymous Machine



Disease simply is not the result of viruses, missing supplements, toxins or a damaged organ – these are all possible physical representations of the “true cause” which are “connections made on the informational level” between matrix representations/ control-elements/ software that establishes our physical and energetic reality.

MRI, X-RAY, Microscopes, Lab-testing are ways to get a view of this physical reality that we do not have with our bare eye – but nevertheless they only show physical reality.

CoRe nor any spiritual healer can do what any of these tools can do BUT different then any of them they can effect true healing and not only diagnose physical reality and thus make the PASSIVE-FAITH in your possible FATE more strong and aggravate sickness. However exactly the later is what most people want or at lease expect when they go to a doctor to get a re-confirmation that they have a “REAL” sickness not something that is “ONLY” in their mind. ….. and exactly that is what you want me to provide :

Josef: I know that there are many reasons why items of evaluation can resonate with a person but for example if I could say that these pathogens (i.e. because of high resonance) are now in your body and they are manifestation of your physical health state caused by your state on other levels (energetic, informational, spiritual) of your body, than we could start to help him on all levels on the same time: Physical – proper food, supplements, environment, etc.

I never use the Pathogene or organ modules as I do think we should not repeat the mistake that allopathic medicine is making to find the cause to blame on the physical level. (no matter how much our clients wish this – this wish is part of their sickness).

However in some cased allopathic medicine is successful, at least on some level because it has then also the tools to correct problems on the physical level – for example surgery. But CoRe does not have means to directly affect the physical level nor is it intended for that purpose (our mission statement is not one of these empty disclaimers that you find everywhere – but our true vision and mission that will be common understanding in the times to come) – it works were established modalities have no influence – the informational matrix – the causal level (below that of the ultimate causal level that of the spirit)

All the results that CoRe provides are in the form of pictures and words and it will be misunderstood by those that try to confirm lab-results or other modern medicine diagnostic modalities because these results are only attempts to represent resonant pattern on the informational level that CoRe works with. As such they have no function in the healing work that CoRe performs.

For that reason I teach in all of my seminars not to show results to the patient, or at least not to discuss them with the patient but simply to to select the top 2 resonances in the top2  screens that the module-selection function has found and communicate the results aided with the energetic applicators – then you will have success.


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