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many times, particularly at my seminars, I do not stop explaining how CoRe works, but at the end I get the question “But how does it work”…. and certainly this will also not change with this forum, where I have posts like this one Here in my seminar in Bangkok last weekend I had a doctor who staid only for one hour and afterwards he told someone “If Kiran cannot explain in 20 min how it works …. this is not for me”

He has no problem to work with his Osiris and Oberon systems because there it is all so elegantly explained “Frequencies are measured for diagnosis and frequencies are fed back for therapy” … it does not take 20 min to give such an explanation and ignorant as we all have become we take this as a valid explanation.

I have shattered this illusion by revealing that all of them are based on a random number generator…. and luckily there are enough people out there that can follow this new insight…. .but certainly there are enough people that react with great anger…. as I violate their most sacred illusions.

This much for an introduction…… here is another message from a user who was not finding the time to come to Belgrad when I was giving a seminar there a few month ago but now believes the whole matter can be settled in a few “straight” explanations …… I do not like his tone very much but I know this is the bitter tone that dominates places like Slovakia and Croatia where you still often see warning signs for land-mines :

Hi Kiran,

I hope you can answer me following questions:

1. Did you ever explained why Core is not able to evaluate facts (not to predict future but from hologram a fact) For example how tall are you ?

2. I don’t understand why I get different results in evaluations if I’m evaluating all groups at once and when I’m evaluating modules separately ?

3. How CoRe communicates with me ? What and how is broadcasted to me during autocommunications ? Can you explain me this how it works and if it’s possible to prove it somehow ?

4. Could you give me only 1  example how to demostrate and show to “left brain” patient, that CoRe really works and this example will be understandable  also for “left brain” patient.

I hope you can answer these questions straight and as “left brain understandable as possible”.

Best regards



Kiran’s answers

1 . Informational modalities that read the informational matrix cannot give quantity readings, neither for amounts of pills to take, frequency or dose of anything. As CoRe is based on principles that are very comparable to oracles or psychic reading we understand why no Fortune teller (even the real ones like Nostradamus) were ever able to predict Lottery numbers or dates correctly. Of course 12/12/2012 will pass exactly so uneventful as 09/09/09…. of course nobody wants to hear such a prediction.

Quantities are the realm or lab or other physical measurements, on the informational Matrix time and space have no meaning… and quantities are the  necessary result of time and space… without them quantities like “How tall is JOZEF” or “How much money has JOZEF on this bank” are not accessible by radionic means.

2. The results are the same if you do a whole database evaluation or only a single group, however as the CoRe only gives relative values normalized to the highest result in an evaluation (absolute values can never be found also because of the nature of the informational realm discussed in 1). This means that if you only evaluate e.g. all the restaurants in one small city for the best one, certainly one will come up as the BEST  one with 100 % but if you analyze all the restaurants in the whole country this one restaurant may now score only 5 % and be on rank 3249… (excuse this simplistic example for straight minds)

3. CoRe is communicating (I do not use the old misleading concept of broadcasting) a matrix of datapoints that represent the object selected, not pictures or words but an aspect of a hologram representation of those. Some people feel communications others see them but I do not count much on those but on the overwhelming success of practitioners like Dr Nuno Nina and hundred of others.

4. Until a century from now when the laws of informational medicine are so ignorantly accepted as those of Energy medicine … just tell people that you read their frequencies while you put the electrodes in their hands.

I do not think that questions like this will stop in the near future and unfortunately for the questioner he thinks that he is doing this best to come closer to an understanding of this new/oldest form of knowing.

The Answer can  only be understood by a balanced work of left and right brain and then also our work with CoRe will be even more successful. My best example in this respect is my friend and brother Dr Nuno Nina in Portugal he is an electrical engineer from his original training but now has a clinic with 4 CoRe systems running parallel, 60 clients a day and is booked for the next 6 month in advance. He is one of the few people that has both hemispheres working not in a balanced way but in a DLE mode which means they are alternating with very high frequency. 252w" sizes="(max-width: 730px) 100vw, 730px" />

Juggling is to attractive as it is an archetypal example of DLE

He is as playful in his approach to what he is doing as all great geniuses in history….. he is sending me about every day another thing he found on the internet that stimulates his DLE while he works with so many people a day (he starts at 7 in the morning and works often until 10 pm)… how is this possible ? …. by not being stuck in one or another concept and let CoRe come up with the most resonant issues:

… that is what he send me yesterday :

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