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Dear CoRe users,

This is the time for change…While a few CoRe users are quiet successful, most holistic practitioners still struggle to get their voices to be heard and their gifts to be recognized. Why all this happening to holistic practitioners who have something to give to the world and are equipped with the wonderful tool as the CoRe system? When I intended the seminar, one interesting detail came into an observation – many (too many) practitioners used CoRe system on their relatives and friends – it never gone any further. Even if one has a descent practice, it is still not what one deserves to have.

Kiran’s message is get out of your mind, get into DLE and you can be what you are worth of. Unfortunately, our left brained society programs us with its conditioning and it is so hard to get out of our limitations. This is a problem…

Now there is a solution…You can be absolutely talented, skilled and awesome, but if no one knows about it, you are dead – doubts may eat you up. If no one is to support you, your energy may diminish.

I think we need a community of CoRe users where we can support each other, empower each other, give and receive an advice and share experiences. In the group, people get stronger, the united energy amplifies, and the attraction becomes super magnetic. We know it – resonant energies magnify.

I am building a website that is my personal for now (for my practice), but I have decided to turn it into CoRe users website, if there is enough demand for it.

I invite each of you to let me know if you wish to bring your practice to the next level.

First of all, I probably is a better webmaster than a holistic practitioner (have two educations – in computer science and natural health medicine). I love both areas of the life, but website creations (had few of them) is my DLE. Some of you may already have a website. However, to have online success requires more than few live pages on the Internet. My website is still young (six months) and traffic has just started rolling – around 200 visitors per day and growing daily and has no limit with the more pagers alive (now it is only 140 pages). The traffic is much targeted – people who are looking for holistic healing for different ailment.

We will create a free directory for CoRe users exclusively. Each of you will have your own webpage with an opportunity to create more pages with your articles (but I have rights to correct them to optimize for keywords search), which is encouraged (your potential clients have to know you first). Your clients will have an option to leave comments on your page.

I have only S1 system and perform a long-distance treatment, but many visitors prefer to have a treatment locally, and many CoRe users have energetic applications which is beneficial for local clients.

How will we all benefit of the community? – It gives credibility each of us and the information medicine too – one thing is one practitioner, the other thing is hundred practitioners working in the same field. It promotes the informational medicine and raises awareness for an integration of holistic medicine into life.

Also I think there is a need for us to be cooperative. You will have an opportunity to ask questions to other CoRe users, ask for an advice with a difficult case. We may swap treatments with each other, trays, and any other forms of cooperations and connections to each other. New CoRe users can have a great support within the community. Seminars are a good start and combining energy is very empowering there, but when you go home, you are on your own. And I think we might make Sonia too busy with the same inquiries.

Also, there is a very important aspect. You may be a good practitioner, but your practice is a business also, and this is usually missing. I can teach you how to promote your business online beside this website, and we can share ideas and findings how to promote the business offline.

You are welcomed to put pages in your language with an English variation.

Contact me at If we have at least five people, I will create the page to submit your profile. If someone doesn’t feel comfortable creating the page and writing, we can go through the process together.

With love,
Lana Zelinsky

Kiran’s comment :

I appreciate that you want to establish a separate Forum where CoRe users can freely exchange knowledge without being monitored by Kiran. I know I am not very new-age-oriented – feeding the EGO with talk like “You are absolutely talented, skilled and awesome” – and I know this over-valuation of the EGO is the main problem in becoming a great healer – The challenge is to see the difference of the EGO and the SELF –

Before you can -Know yourself- you first have to be able to -Sense Yourself-

and if you want to get heard take the risk and make a post here or post your expert page on – Google is listing it now always on page 1 place 1 for any search for a energetic or informational medicine practitoner

Lana you write : “Kiran’s message is get out of your mind, get into DLE and you can be what you are worth of. Unfortunately, our left brained society programs us with its conditioning and it is so hard to get out of our limitations. This is a problem…”

you do not yet have an understanding of DLE it is the solution and it has nothing to do with “Get out of your mind” – maybe you confuse this with Osho – start to make a few posts here – or ask a questions before starting a new CoRe forum

Real students know that they need a real teacher and they are not afraid to loose some of their illusions.

The EGO gets hurt – the SELF is getting stronger by opposition



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  1. Sorry Kiran, your comments are off topic. No one is going to take over your expertise – you Authority is too grander (that’s probably everyone is quiet here). But I have my expertise too – in online marketing  (as good as yours in DLE and CoRe) and actually offer a website (it will be converted into a website of the group of practitioners) that is well-optimized for search and eventually to get on the top for “holistic healing”. This is way different from just listing in the directory. The practitioner may promote it as his/her own personal website.

    I will eventually list myself in IM directory just to get a backlink.

    To get clients… where are there more chances for a practitioner to get a job? – from the page that is found for “informational medicine” with 27 inquiries per month, “information medicine” 317 inquiries per month, “informational medicine practitioner” with zero search or:

    light therapy pain relief – 477 searches
    magnetic pain relief – 799
    treatment for panic attacks – 1036
    treating pcos naturally – with 362 searches but only 1 site present
    or from a local search like “treating depression in Calgary”

    I don’t promise the flood of clients right away, but in 12 months or so people won’t regret. And it makes sense, when 3-5 people come together, some forms of cooperation can be born, but not necessary.

    I think we are not competing…Friends?

    P.S.Thanks for posting my EGO speech…