Heart Rate Variability testing integrated in Quantune Comunicator


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Variability of Heart Rate as an indicator for health – is contradictory to our cultural believe that regularity, pattern and discipline is to be preferred, as more healthy, to unpredictability.

The science of Hearth Rate Variability HRV is proofing otherwise. To the degree that heart rate is constant and non-changing – health is diminishing and the chance of Hearth failure is increasing. We have integrated this technology (see ear sensor below) with the new Quantune communicator to make assessment of health and treatment effectiveness even more client specific in conjunction with the Bioresonance-LaesEr. see also http://energetic-medicine.com/quantune-communicator/

This technology is far more elaborate then simplistic Heath Math emwave sensor that will give completely different results on every re-start even within seconds (maybe another XRROID process?)

see a first demonstration here of a prototype at the Couritiba/ Brasil seminar

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