Health Navigator – Arbitrary Wave Generator interface


NEW Health Navigator Interface

NEW Health Navigator Interface

As you know, the Health Navigator works in a range of 0-20,000 Hz. This, in my experience, is the range where humans are the most sensitive to receiving information, not only electrically and magnetically but also through light and certainly sound.

Rife and thousands who have followed his philosophy of “killing microbes to be healthy” have had many spectacular results. In their experience, these happen mainly at higher frequencies in the megahertz range. To cover this extended frequency range, we offer our Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG). This name may be a bit misleading as it doesn’t mean that the frequency is arbitrary but that it allows for the use of arbitrarily-designed wave forms. This AWG extends the range of the Health Navigator to two million Hz (cycles per second).

The Magnetic Applicators have been shown to give the best results at very low frequencies of 0-100 Hz whereas the new LED infrared light pad works well throughout the whole Health Navigator range of up to 20000 Hz, although our eyes can only discriminate blinking of up to 50 Hz.

In the past, there was a problem for owners of the new Health Navigator who also had the AWG when they wanted to do electric and magnetic or light therapy at the same time over the whole frequency range from the 0-2 MHz possible with the AWG. If they connected the hand electrodes to the front of the Health Navigator, the system would work perfectly for the whole range but the magnetic or light applicators would not work as the frequencies were coming from the AWG.

This was not a design mistake but was required by some rather suspect requirements of device safety that would not allow an external source to drive these applicators.

We have now solved this dilemma by creating an interface between the AWG and the Health Navigator to which the hand electrodes can be connected. Therefore, you can now use the hand electrodes over the whole 0-2 MHz range together with the magnetic and light applicators.

We sell this addition at our own cost of $100.00. Please write to Sonia@inergetix to order it.

This is how to connect it !

This is how to connect it !


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