Healing power of animals


- I don't even know his name - but we became good friends

What has the “Healing Power of animals” to do with informational medicine ?

You cannot imagine how many e-mails I get from people who found a new way into the 5th dimension, who consider themselves the first to be able to interpret some quantum-operators that nobody understood until they discovered the secret. Recently there was one who had made a device that could make global-sailing waves visible in a tube filled with saw-dust – or the other guy who had made yet another scalar-generator that would finally solve the energy crisis of the world (I get one of these free-energy solutions a week – even without asking). The free-energy madness is showing our cultural addiction to energy – just like 500 years ago with the thousands that had found a bone from Jesus or one of the nails of the cross.

For someone sitting at the cross-road beween the world of left-brain science and right-brain potential I see that for many today these sifi-phantasies are a way to give some food to their starving right brain. Interestingly the posts about bioresoance and quantum-pendants have the highest reader numbers and SCALAR would be just such a best-seller. The person in Germany who was making the SCALAR idea a way to fill his audience and buy his books is now making presentations about “THE EARTH REALLY GROWS” and that there is a solid diamond at the core of the earth – solid research is backing up his earth-shaking new discoveries.

It took for me a near death expereince to get out of this cultural right brain starvation and infatuation with phantasies to keep it alive. Re-learn to enjoy the simple things in life – mainly being with animals and nature. In every city of the world that I  go to the zoo or aquarium and wonder how anyone would live a life where he does not have this frequent encounter with so many amazing creatures.

The fact that we do not feel the need for it is part of the symptom of our times – where we live and get sick from living the “placeholder” existence that we have become so accustomed to.

Debora with her mother and nice in Koh Samui

The Thai people have probably the most natural relationship to animals and instead of mega-zoos that tire you just thiking about them – they have small places with a few animals that have very a personal attendance.

And here you can understand that this mega-lie that the US american media is even draging onto Animal-planet where you see more and more that  manufactured cruel and dangerous side of animals which is just another lie based on the demand of so many people that have a boring life and need some Interference with horror news.

Summary : for many of your clients it would be very benefitial to prescribe “frequent zoo visits” rather than yet another homeopathic preparation – or maybe even a cat or aquarium – as not everyone’s life is set up to accomodate an elephant

or the Thai massage that I prescribed to my mother in law (we were given no warning “this Elephant might be heavy – you do it at your own risk”)

or send them to Bali and swim with the Dolphin which I did with my little nice Isabela last week


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